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Mr Right and Other Mongrels
So as you may have gathered from my lovely poem yesterday I have had the flu this week. It’s been a shocker.

I was at lunch last Friday for a friend’s birthday. We were sitting overlooking beautiful Dee Why beach and a pair dolphins were having a lovely play out there in front of us. It was magic. My friend grabbed my hand and said “My what warm hands you have!” (yes just like in Red Riding Hood (ok maybe I shouldn’t have watched all those episodes of Once Upon a Time while I had a fever). To which I replied, “I must have something. I never have warm hands.” (I’m known for always being cold and my appalling circulation…well, in my own family I am).

Saturday I didn’t feel great and by the time I stood in the cafeteria for an hour and a half at my daughter’s band recital I really felt bad. (It could have been hearing one too many versions of Power Rock by a beginner band that tipped me over). Sunday, I didn’t feel at all well but I went to lunch with my family because everyone was stir crazy. I was in bed by 3pm and pretty much stayed there since…obviously watching Once Upon a Time among other things. Well I did get up a few times but every time it was a bad idea and I headed back as quickly as I could.

Anyway, the result was I didn’t get any work done much for my real job or my books. So the paperback version of Mr Right and Other Mongrels that I hoped would be up by my July 31 deadline is running a few days behind.

It has a great looking cover…just a minor twist on the e-book version and it will look fabulous. So if you’ve been asking and waiting not long to go and I do apologise for the delay.

Win a copy!!
Don’t forget if you want to win a paperback copy fill in the form here (Closed) on the front page to be in the running.

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