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Hearts AfireI wanted to run a YouTube clip today about the weekend and weirdly I couldn’t find any songs with weekend in the title I really liked. I did find Loverboy’s “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend” but the clip was so unattractive I couldn’t bring myself to put it on this page.

If anyone can suggest an upbeat song about weekends then I’d like to know what it is…I’m all about the upbeat!

So this weekend Hearts Afire is having a final edit. It already went to one editor last week – the lovely Jacqui – and now it’s in Deb’s safe hands. So while it is a week or so behind schedule it will hopefully be as clean as I can get it. The paperback will probably be a week or so later but certainly out by the end of the month. (Local people I will be there with both my books at the Beacon Hill Night Markets 8th November!)

I’m a bit of a stickler for a deadline but it’s better to have the book right and a few days later than out and have people unhappy.

Then my plan was to hopefully have a third book out in December but perhaps it will be January. It will depend a bit on real life and how it impacts. This last month simply evaporated and that was September…who knows how crazy November might get? I think perhaps the e-book will get up but not the paperback…




Mr Right and Other Mongrels
If you haven’t read Mr Right and Other Mongrels yet than this is the weekend to do it because it’s only 99c on Amazon.

Please check out the other books that are also the bargain price of 99c as part of the Booked for the Weekend promotion as well.

I have some wonderful authors who I am doing Q&A’s within the coming weeks so please be sure to pop by this blog. I know I have lots of readers but I am always keen to hear your comments either here on the page or
e-mail me via the contact form…

Also if you want to be in the running to win a copy of Hearts Afire
please enter to win on the welcome page.









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