Bits and pieces for November 1st


Hearts AfireI’m starting NaNoWriMo today and my best strategy for success is to go hard and go early so this blog post will be a bit cobbled together and bitsy.

Hearts Afire has been out for a week now. If you haven’t bought a copy now is a good time to do so…why? Well, in my opinion there is no bad time to do so. It’s had a great first week so if you have it already I thank you. If you’re the reviewing type you might like to consider giving it a review.

Don’t forget my first baby Mr Right and Other Mongrels is out there as well.

One of my blog posts is included in this month’s Self-Publishing: Carnival of the Indies! Take a look!

Yesterday I was also featured on the lovely Imelda Evan’s blog please stop by!

And finally for all those people out there doing NaNoWriMo a little song to cheer them up.

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