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Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday and it’s one of the significant ones that ends in a zero. We’ve known each other just over twenty years. So one of our first dates was spent celebrating a different birthday ending in a zero.

That was a romantic and very fun evening, if I recall and I do.

Tomorrow morning we’re going out to breakfast, as a family, because he has to work tomorrow night. I suppose that’s romantic in it’s own way…but you know, not the same way. (We do have other things planned on the weekend as well.)

This got me What constitutes romance for people in real life – not in books? Some people find a man ironing very romantic, other people like flowers and candlelight, other people find making plans to renovate romantic.

Of course romance evolves…If someone brings you flowers every Friday for fifteen years that might be kind of unromantic. It requires no imagination to walk past the same shop on the way home and get flowers every Friday, it’s a habit. (Not that those flowers wouldn’t be lovely but that’s not that romantic in my opinion…then again it doesn’t happen to me, maybe if it did I’d find it deeply touching.)

I think romance is all about thoughtfulness, myself. Doing the extra thing or the thoughtful thing and making the extra effort. It’s doing that special something that will make the person you love smile not because you have to, or because it’s expected but because you want to.

So what sorts of things do you think constitute romantic gestures? Have you got great stories of things that happened to you or a friend? I’d love to hear them.

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