Struggling with #NaNoWriMo – a song for you


My NaNoWriMo has stalled but I’ll be back on deck tomorrow. Life intervened as I knew it would. Lots of people are looking and blank pages and screens and thinking “I’ve got nothing!”

Or they have too many thoughts and can’t make them sensible on paper…

For all of us writing and struggling and persisting a song Just Jack – Writers Block. Have a fabulous day. I hope your muse shows up for coffee.


Imelda Evasn
11/8/2012 07:26:46 am

November is always tricky for me, but that’s why I took up the challenge – so I wouldn’t give up altogether. Back on the horse shortly!
11/8/2012 07:31:49 am

Maybe we can hop back on and ride off together to a quite place where we aren’t interrupted.

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