A little update and musical Monday


Alphabet Dating CoverMy blogging hasn’t been to consistent lately. I apologise.

I had a big weekend with Hearts Afire going free on Amazon on April 26 & 27. My baby made it to #20 in the free Kindle store and #6 in Contemporary Romance.

I was pretty happy with that because it means lots of people downloaded her and hopefully enjoy her. (Yes my book is definitely a she). Hopefully they like her enough to but either Mr Right and Other Mongrels or Alphabet Dating when it comes out later THIS WEEK!

Yes I sent that book of to the formatter, and assuming my general technical incompetence and ignorance of Dropbox and file sharing in general hasn’t failed me, the book is now in very good hands.

If you want to go in the draw for a free e-copy of Alphabet Dating fill in the form on my landing page.

Finally I heard this Shakira song on the weekend and it reminded me of the main character in a book I’m working on so I thought I’d share it here for musical Monday. The girl in my book has always done everything right but life hasn’t exactly been kind to her…so she can’t quite believe her luck when she finally gets happiness.

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