LA research trip!


Los Angeles View Hollywood Hills and Hollywood SignI write this blog post on a Friday night in LA. To say I’m a tad tired would be an understatement. Still, anything in the name of research right?

I’ve been in town since Tuesday and I think my friends and I have covered a whole lot of territory in essentially three full days.

This is a research trip for the sequel to Mr Right and Other Mongrels so I am trying to see LA through the eyes of the main character Allegra. I want to view things through the prism of her experiences and interests.

She likes vintage clothing and I found this wonderful shop on Sunset. I also visited some very cool vintage shops in Old Town Pasadena.

(OK that’s as far as I made it on that tired Friday…it’s now Tuesday in Maui…nine days later…every single day has been go, go, go and I am exhausted in a really good way.)

Lucky for me I made great notes at the beginning of my trip and took at least a zillion photos because every wonderful day has blurred into the other.

I can tell you that if Allegra’s L.A. experience is anything like mine was she will eat well, shop lots, visit some amazing, gardens, meet some cool people and have some very funny experiences…stay tuned for more information…when my brain is working again!



7/3/2013 06:38:45 am

And if Allegra is anything like you (which she is!), L.A. is going to love her!!

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