Three Wishes Blog Blitz Winner


Winner Lee ToddSo there was a $10 Amazon gift card up for grabs with this one.

Like I said in the original blog post I like to do things old school.

The rules were you needed to comment and tell me your wish.

There were some lovely wishes but I have to say I’m especially happy that we pulled this winner from the hat!

First I wrote all the names on business cards.

Giveaway entrants names on cards
Giveaway Winner Name Drawn From Hat
Then I had my daughter pick a name out the hat. She had no clue why she was doing this or whose names were in there so I don’t think she can be accused of bias.

Anyway Lee’s wish was that she “find a job”. I can’t help with that but a $10 Amazon GC might brighten your day Lee.

(Side note on this hat. It’s huge and fabulous but I can’t wear it and walk as it removes all peripheral vision and is thus an accident waiting to happen. I’ve nearly been run over, tripped over a stroller and walked into people in this hat. I think it’s designed just for looking mysterious and blocking out the world while sitting on the beach!).


Lee Todd
9/7/2013 06:25:40 pm

thank you!!!!! 😀

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