Miss Chicklit 2015 – Celebrating Chicklit May


Miss Chick Lit 2015

Miss ChickLit May Pageant – featuring Miss Allegra Johnston from Australia.
Introduction: “Hi, my name is Allegra Johnston, and I’m representing the Nation of Australia! I run a second-hand bookshop and I’m passionate about vintage fashion and saving the environment, so I’m saving the planet one retro dress at a time, right. My dream is to make sure everyone around me is happy and has plenty to read…and world peace, I’m all about world peace. Is that right? Is that answer okay. I have never actually seen a pageant because I grew up without television…did I do okay?”
Allegra Holding Books Illustration
Doris DaySwimsuit
I’m a not a huge fan of swimsuits in general, which is kind of a problem for me as I live at gorgeous Manly Beach in Sydney.

I do love vintage fashion and look at the delightful and perky Doris Day in this swimsuit. I have one just like this for the pageant. It’s demure enough that I don’t feel naked and it has all this amazing sculptural boning inside it. I’m a girl with a curvy figure and this sort of swimsuit is perfect for me.

You’ll never catch me in a teeny weeny itsy bitsy polka dot bikini or even worse a crocheted one (my hippy mother still wears those in her fifties, heaven help me!). This however is a swimsuit I can feel comfortable in, and a little bit sexy.

My talent today harks back to my childhood. I’m doing an acoustic guitar medley of Joni Mitchell songs. My voice is sadly not as haunting as hers but I hope to capture her essence. I’ll be singing Both Sides Now, Big Yellow Taxi and I Wish I Had a River (to Skate Away on).

What unique thing have you done to help the environment?
You may not be aware of this but I grew up on a commune so I spent most of my childhood building solar homes and organic farming – basically I had to build my own home and grow my own food or I didn’t eat. I’m not sure how unique it is but I haven’t met too many other kids who have done it.

***If you want to know more about me you can read about me in the novel Mr Right and Other Mongrels
Mr Right and Other Mongrels

Sephora Gift Card

The Grand Prize for this international drawing will be:

US/Canada winner – $100 gift card to Sephora

UK winner – £65 gift card to Lush Cosmetics

Australia winner – $125AUD to Mecca



How to enter: Answer this question in the comments below and LEAVE YOUR EMAIL so we can contact you if you win.

What unique thing have you done to help the environment?
A winner will be chosen via on Monday, May 18th.

For more chances to win and to meet the other Miss Chick Lit Pageant Contestants visit these wonderful author pages:


Pippa Franks
5/11/2015 12:43:25 am

Great post Monique! 🙂 x

Nicole Skalij
5/11/2015 01:25:49 am

….hmm I recycle every week and use my com-poster to help my gardens.
5/11/2015 11:27:49 am

You need to leave your email to go in the draw Nicole.

Whitney Dineen
5/11/2015 01:57:57 am


Celia Kennedy
5/11/2015 04:27:14 am

Loved this… brave to take on a whole nation. I think I need that swimsuit… but I have no musical talent.

I became a Landscape Architect that specialized in ecologically friendly resort development (true dat)!

Bethany Clark
5/11/2015 04:50:30 am

I really do not do anything unique per say, but my 5 year old is very in to recycling now and he shows me what to do every day!
5/11/2015 11:28:52 am

I love how earnest kids are. (You need to leave your email to go in the draw) You can leave it in this form if you prefer

Catherine Lavoie
5/11/2015 06:37:28 am

Great post! 🙂 Love that Doris Day-inspired suit!

5/11/2015 09:06:19 am

I love the title of your book! can’t wait to read it

Tracy Krimmer
5/11/2015 09:18:22 am

Great post!

Glynis Astie
5/11/2015 09:34:48 am

Nicely done, Monique! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Allegra again. 🙂

Gina Henning
5/11/2015 10:58:43 am

I love “Wish I had a River” by Joni Mitchell and cute suit!
5/11/2015 11:27:03 am

That song always makes me mist up!
5/11/2015 11:26:23 am

Thanks everyone for the comments. I have a retro swimsuit similar to that which is black and white check…quite flattering.

Monique McDonell
5/11/2015 11:29:55 am

You can leave it as Monique (at) if that makes you feel more secure.

5/11/2015 11:53:34 am

I’ve reused food containers to make holders for things like my makeup –

steven weber
5/11/2015 04:28:36 pm

I take shorter showers

Tracie Banister
5/12/2015 06:56:18 am

Fun post, Monique! I think that Allegra and Willa (from my book, Twin Piques) would get along well since they both love vintage fashion!

Jessica Meddick
5/12/2015 07:06:56 am

I recycle.

5/14/2015 07:45:48 am

I self published a Meatless Protein Cookbook on Amazon encouraging people to eat less meat, to save on energy, land, and water.

5/18/2015 04:20:54 am

I’m shireen, this is my comment, I’m adding my email address:

5/14/2015 09:06:43 am

I wish I could say that I’ve done something unique to save the environment but the only thing I can think of that I do is recycle. I do my best to recycle all paper and plastic products and have influenced my family to do their best to separate recyclable bottles and cans too. I’m open to some clever and creative ideas though!


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