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Alphabet Dating - Monique McDonell - 2015 CoverAlphabet Dating
What’s on page 45 of Alphabet Dating?

First of all you need to know a little bit about Alphabet Dating – in this novel poor Serena’s closest friends decide she needs to be dating again so on a girl’s weekend away they spring on her the crazy idea that she go on twenty six dates in twenty six days, all of them set up by her friends. Oh yes and that means one for every letter of the alphabet.

Can you imagine?

On page 45 Serena has given up trying to wriggle out of the hair-brained scheme and the day before had a date with the letter B – Ben. And Ben had taken her for an afternoon of bowling and not been such a dud date after all. She’d also spent the evening being taught the guitar by her friend Harvey, who also happens to be a trust fund baby and literary wunderkind.

And he’s given her lots to think about. Just the night before, when he’d gone off clubbing with a posse of supermodels he’d reminded her that sometimes you needed to try out different things to see which ones you liked. Something she hadn’t done much of since her fiance died a few years earlier.

So now she has a work deadline and a whole lot going on in her pretty little head. And what sort of work doe she do? She’s a book reviewer for one of New York’s top newspapers. It’s hard being a book reviewer like that when you don’t want to leave any bad reviews.

Alphabet Dating is available at

“It’s a tremendous thing to write a novel. What commitment and courage it takes” Serena, Alphabet Dating pg 45


David Tennant
David Tennant, the inspiration for Harvey in Alphabet Dating.

The problem is Serena doesn’t like the book she has o review today and with her head swimming with yesterday’s dates and tonight’s – hello C for Christopher – poor Serena is struggling to focus.

And she when she has guys like this to think about so who can blame her?

As much as anything though she can’t help but wonder how she ended up in such an absurd position and if she’ll ever feel like she has it together again.

( I really love Serena and I hope you do too – this was a fun book to write. First dates are excellent fodder.)





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Pippa Franks
5/11/2015 10:48:21 pm

Cool post Monique 🙂 x

Celia Kennedy
5/12/2015 01:16:58 am

Bittersweet, exhausting, exhilarating, metamorphosis, content. Five words that come to mind about this book. Sounds really, really, fun. Looking forward to reading it!

Georgina Troy
5/12/2015 03:22:35 am

I’ve got your book waiting to be read on my Kindle and can’t wait to have some free time – post deadline – to enjoy it.

5/12/2015 06:42:38 am

Love that cover 🙂

Tracy Krimmer
5/12/2015 09:42:37 pm

Serena sure knows about writing books 🙂

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