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ChickLitMay Book Boyfriend BLog Hop 2017
Any Way You Want It - Upper Crust Series - Monique McDonell - Original CoverMy name is Moose well not really but all friends call me Moose and I can see we’re going to be friends. Everyone calls me Moose because I’m from Maine and I’m a big (my mother uses the term strapping) guy with a an exuberant personality.

It’s possible I have more than a touch of ADHD but don’t hold that against me because that just means I have a lot of energy and I don’t sleep much. I spend the hours other people spend sleeping working out (I’m told the ladies like a man with a six pack) and thinking of ways to make the people in my life happy. I’m full of ideas and I love to execute them, I’m actually a pretty smart guy.

I grew up in a ski resort and I work for my parent’s in their chain of hotels. I’m an only child which has just taught me how to get on well with others, make friends and make them smile.

I love women. Not in a creepy way. I think they’re beautiful, amazing creatures. They say interesting things, they smell divine and like me, they love to dance. So if you like dancing I’m your guy.

Really, what I’m looking for is one special girl and I think I’ve spotted one, her name is Chloe and she runs an ice-cream parlour. I’m a businessman and think what she needs to grow her business is a really awesome coffee machine so I just went and bought her one of those crazy expensive brass ones. Is that too much?

That’s who I am though. I’m all in. I think that’s a good quality, I hope she does.

What makes me a good book boyfriend (this is the shameless plug for myself) – I’m all in, I like to dance, I’m in very good shape, I’m kind of loaded but I must tell you I’m really looking for someone that doesn’t matter too and I go out of my way to make the lady in my life feel special. (Oh yeah and is this is a pageant of some sort I feel obligated to say “I want World Peace. You can add watching rom coms to my list of qualities.)

HOW TO VOTE: If you want to vote for Moose to win the Book Boyfriend Blog Hop:
Email Tracie at and say I VOTE FOR MOOSE in the subject line (I really want to win I’m kind of competitive, and I really want you to win too). By doing that you are entered to win the grand prize!!!!

P.S – Monique who runs this awesome website (a great person by the way) wanted to share a photo of me but I said no. Not because I’m shy, but because I like a woman with a good imagination. I’m pretty sure you’re imagining me right now.

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Geralyn Corcillo
5/14/2017 11:37:39 am

I love Moose! I adore every one of the guys in The Upper Crust Series! For a wonderful supply of yummy book boyfriends, Monique McDonell does NOT disappoint!

Cat Lavoie
5/14/2017 06:44:35 pm

Loves to dance? I’m sold! Vote for Moose! 🙂

5/15/2017 01:00:49 am

Who can resist a dancer 😉

5/15/2017 03:44:54 am

A dancer with a six-pack. What’s not to love? 🙂

Meredith Schorr
5/15/2017 09:17:54 am

I love this guy. He’s confident without being overly cocky. And he can dance 🙂

5/15/2017 12:50:55 pm

I love Moose💖🍵🍧💖

Karen M Cox
5/15/2017 01:40:53 pm

Moose *raises hand* Um – I like to dance 🙂

Jennifer Farwell
5/15/2017 06:15:51 pm

Watches rom coms and has a six-pack? Hi, Moose!

Beth Carter
5/16/2017 08:11:46 am

I love the name Moose!!! He sounds like a sweet guy.
Monique McDonell
5/16/2017 03:23:17 pm

Thanks everyone, Moose wants you to know he appreciates all the positive feedback. He’s dancing with happiness right now, in between sit ups.

Ann Attwood
5/17/2017 05:14:17 am

I love Moose

Clarissa boggs
5/17/2017 05:21:01 am

Voted for Moose, good luck
Monique McDonell
5/18/2017 01:08:15 am

Thanks everyone. Moose and I appreciate it!!

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