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Musical MondayTime for a new week and there is a lot happening this week. I was just talking to my daughter about one of my favourite songs (okay I was singing it off-key as I unloaded the dishwasher).

Good songs like good characters in a book, or a great and intriguing plot stay with us. Sometimes I think we happen on a song or a book or even a painting at just the right time and that’s why it resonates with us and the person next to us couldn’t care less about it.

I’m writing a new series of books and one of the characters is a lyricist. That means I’ve been writing my own song lyrics that I hope will speak to someone. Of course I hope the whole book does too, but writing lyrics is a different skill. It’s fun to do new things especially as I’ve been writing a long time now.

When Any Way You Build It releases in April It will be my 12th novel, I’ve had another two pieces in anthologies…that’s a lot of novel writing so song writing that’s a refreshing change.

Here’s one of my favourite songs for you. It’s not really a classic but it’s a classic at our house. The other week I met my husband in town for lunch and this was playing at the burger joint so I guess it is a classic for someone else as well.

Quickly before I go I want to let you know that Any Way You Dream It is #free right now so you might want to grab a copy if you haven’t read it yet. And I’ve also set up a Fun, Flirty Fiction group for readers over on Facebook so if you want to join just click here.
Any Way You Dream It - Promo - Original Covers

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