Romancing the Holidays with Lexi Greene


What made you decide to write this story?
Christmas makes me sentimental. I loved the movie Sliding Doors. Imagine if you could change one decision and how different your life would be. Imagine if those goals you single-mindedly slogged to achieve didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped. I’ve always been aware of parental expectations and it was fun to figuratively throw those aside and make a choice from the heart. I love Whistler in Canada and I love the mountains. I love to ski. We often visit in January and the Christmas decorations are beautiful. Imagine the carols and the Christmas cheer and the magical Christmas atmosphere. It’s so romantic walking through the snow in the evening when the air is still and the world is quiet. Living in Australia, our Christmas weather is warm and often hot. A traditional Christmas lunch is especially hot work for the cook! A white, snowy Christmas where you snuggle inside warm and safe by a glowing fire is a fantasy for me that harks back to Christmas stories I loved as a child, where Santa and his reindeer landed on snowy roof tops and the world was white.

What is your favourite part of Christmas?
Family. Family. Family. And I love to bake gingerbread… okay, I love to eat gingerbread, especially when it’s topped with soft icing! Family makes Christmas magical.

Have you been naughty or nice this year?
I’m always nice. Maybe a little bit naughty when it comes to saying, yes. Sure I can do that. Sure, I can fit that in. Sure, how high would you like me to jump? That particular kind of naughty is not nice for those who live with me, which brings me to my new year’s resolution

If you could have six people to Christmas dinner, who would they be?
Only six?????
My husband and two children. They are my world. My sister, who is my best friend and worst enemy. I’d love my children to meet my husband’s mum who died before they were born, but in truth, I couldn’t bear to spend Christmas without my mum and dad.
Lexi Greene
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