Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge

The 3 in 1 Weekly Blog Challenge (or already playing catch up)

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge

I’m aready behind on the Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge and there’s no way I can pretend it is Wednesday anywhere on the planet so I thought I’d get creative and do a 3 in 1 post to catch me up.

I missed best book/ movie/tv couples, my celebrity crush and books I want to reread or have already.

Let’s go in ascending order because that’s starting with the easy stuff.

I’ve reread a lot of books. I used to do this much more when I was relying on paperbacks which are around $20 a pop here in Australia and one can’t always go get a new $20 book (and don’t even talk to me about libraries because library fines and I are well-acquainted).

Now I can’t even remember what I’ve reread but certainly  as a kid the What Katy Did series, Little Women,  all the Beatrix Potter, Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie, the Naughtiest Girl in School series by Enid Blyton, War Games (the book based on the movie starring Matthew Broderick – this nicely segues into celebrity crushes and he was one of my first).

I’m not really much of a celebrity crush swooner. I’m not sure why that is exactly. I’m pretty much more about character and personality in my book heroes and my movie heroes so while I like the handsome it isn’t my main thing.

Still to answer the question properly I really like Jason Baldoni from Jane the Virgin – mainly for the way he looks at Jane like she hung the moon. (I’m two seasons behind so don’t spoil it for me). I’m not going to lie Chris Hemsworth is a cutie. All the Chris’s are right?

Now for TV couples. Did you ever watch Psych? My daughter and I watched every epiosde together – for a while it was our thing.  It was like a cozy mystery with comedy. My answer is the unconventional answer of Shawn and Gus, sure they were buddies but the banter between them was amazing. They were like an old married couple. I also loved Shawn and Jules in that series. Another couple I loved were Lily and Marshall in How I Met Your Mother. I loved that he was the sweet senstive one and she was tough as nails. I also liked that they broke up and got over it without bitterness, you don’t get that a lot on TV.

How did my express 3 in 1 blog go? I’ll try and do better moving forward. Just like characters in books I’m imperfect. I have to hope my flaws are endearing rather than the kind that make you shut the book never to return.


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