It’s time for the release of No Time for Tears – my latest No Brides Club book

No Time for Tears No Time for Tears release day

I’m so happy to announce the release today of No Time for Tears, Book 15 in the No Brides Club series. This is my third book in the multi-author series following on from No Time for Temptation and No Time for Trouble, although each book can be a stand alone the Georgie and Liam  and Marnie and Mal all reappear in No Time for Tears. In fact, Sven and Devon were both minor characters in No Time for Trouble and I knew when I was writing that book that I was going to tell their story.


When she’s unceremoniously dumped by her fiance, Devon Bates heads to New York for some much-needed family time. After a week of moping on her sister’s couch, things are looking up. She’s become a member of the No Brides Club and snagged a part-time job working alongside her sister and handsome television veterinarian, Sven.

But when the paparazzi get a snap of her and Sven together, the two hatch a plan to fake a relationship for the sake of good publicity. Soon enough, the lines between what’s real and fake become blurred.

Sven loves New York but yearns for a quiet life on his family’s farm. Meeting Devon throws that possibility into turmoil. He’s fake dating his boss’ sister which is already bad enough, but now he wants whatever this is between them to turn into something more substantial. But he isn’t convinced Devon is over her ex, and if she decides to run back to Tennessee, she might take his heart with her.

Sven knows the only chance he has to win Devon over is to convince her there’s more to this relationship than just the publicity. Can he make her see that the happily ever after of their dreams is in the cards for them?

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