Happy Blogaversary

This blog is officially 9 years old!

Happy Blogaversary

So this is what 9 years of blogging looks like

Mr Right and Other Mongrels Mug and Postcards Promotional Material
How adorable was my original cover and swag? Pity about the poor photography skills!

I started my blogging journey as a way to talk about my books and my writing 9 years ago because that’s almost how long it’s been since my first book, Mr Right and Other Mongrels was published. I never would have imagined back then I would have published over 40 books across multiple pen names and over thirty in my own name.

Since then I’ve hosted hundreds of authors on here doing Q&A’s and other posts. Those have also been shared on my Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest accounts as well.

I’ve announced many, many new releases and hosted umpteen cover reveals.

We’ve shared book recommendations, favourite songs, and some cracking recipes over the years too.

There have been the highs and lows of my publishing career – though I tend to keep the lows to myself because nobody cares about those except me.

It’s been a fun journey. I haven’t always been consistent, and I have certainly considered quitting. I used to think I was a quitter, but it turns out that isn’t always true – I just quit the nasty stuff.

Anyway, a huge thank you to the many authors, editors, VA’s and friends from across the globe who have been part of my blogging journey with me. Along the way this blog has helped me feel part of a community, make friends, discover new authors and new books and learn an awful lot about publishing.

This month, as well as the regular features I run, I’ll be revisiting some memories, running some giveaways and looking to the future. So hang on and enjoy the ride. (Or is that read?)

Monique McDonell Kindle Digital Launch Mr Right and Other Mongrels
Release day for Mr Right and Other Mongrels.


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