New release Friday February 2022

Another month has flown by – here are some February New Releases from my author friends. Some are sweet, some are steamy and some are just a little bit scary so be sure to check those blurbs before you download!


New Release Friday

1998 (90s Flashback Series Book 3)

1988A magical romantic comedy from bestselling author Kirsty McManus!

Anna finally has it all: a gorgeous partner, a successful business, and the best friends a gal could ask for.

But just when she thought she’d finally achieved her happily ever after, she finds herself alone again.

Kurt, her soulmate, is leaving the country for three whole months—and while he’s gone, he’s given her some serious decisions to consider. Anna must rely on her support network—plus her trusty time-travelling compound—to get her through.

However, soon after Kurt’s departure, Anna’s ex-husband makes a reappearance—and until she finds a way to banish his demons, neither of them can move forward.

But once she tackles that problem, a worse one arises.

Could the secret she uncovers derail the life she’s worked so hard towards?

Time travel has a lot to answer for.

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Dead HeatDead Heat

Sofia Aves’ Dead Heat is an enemies-to-lovers, athlete workplace romance in K. Bromberg’s Driven World.

KC Hawk has his mind on the game. Specifically the one that makes the wheels cross the finish line first at the end of every race.

While his team is hand-picked from the best talent there is, he’s missing that pizazz factor. And Hawk knows just where to get it. The cheerleader for his greatest rival would be a great asset on his team, and in his bed.

Sunny Cooper loves her job as PR agent for one of the hottest new talents on the track. Sure, he can be a little enthusiastic and turns up with the party boy attitude, but he brings the trophies in, and Sunny gets to have her dream job.

Until KC Hawking offers her a better one—and ruins her dreams in a single night.

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Already GoneAlready Gone: A Miranda Jack Novella Kindle Edition

Prequel to crime thriller Already Dead.
Two months has passed since Miranda Jack’s husband Nick was killed in a hit-and-run and she is no closer to understanding why. The police have stopped taking her calls so Jax has gone back to the street where Nick was found in search of her own answers.
Eighty-five year old Irene Newton has been haunted by the death of a man on the road beyond her fence two months ago. The appearance of his wife at her door reawakens painful memories of the daughter she lost and the questions she was told to forget.
Jax is horrified Irene has waited forty years for answers and frightened she could face the same fate. But when the questions surrounding Nick’s murder won’t let her rest, Jax reaches for Irene’s mystery – because finding any answers is better than finding none.
Until the questions become dangerous.

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