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    Beginnings and endings


    I’m going to a funeral today. One of my closest friend’s fathers passed away last week. He was such a lovely man. He was ninety-one so his time had come but that of course doesn’t make it any less sad for those closest to him.

    It’s weird to think that I met him, and of course many of my good friends from University some twenty-five years ago.

    Beginnings and endings are always tough. I cry at both. Seriously, I’m a notorious crier. I could in fact do it as a profession. You know how in some cultures they have professional mourners? Well, I could be one.

    I cry when I’m happy. I cry when I’m sad obviously. Sometimes I even cry when I’m angry.

    However if there’s a beginning or an ending I’m going to cry, it’s a guranteed thing.

    I was talking to my daughter and her bestie in the car yesterday. They finish primary school at the end of this year and head of to High School. (American readers school here is Primary school K-6 and High school 7-12, no middle school!) They were talking about how they were excited and sad. I explained to them that often an ending means a beginning and how we’re excited for one whilst nostalgic for the other.

    I remember when my daughter started pre-school. I really didn’t want her to go. I registered her so late that I was sure (and hoping) she wouldn’t get a spot. Then they called and said they had a spot for one day a week. Ok, I could cope with that so we went to visit and before we’d made it home they rang to say suddenly they could take her two days a week. (Darn that adorable three year-old with the impeccable manners!)

    Anyway as I drove her to pre-school this song was playing on the car radio. I cried. This song never fails to make me cry. Ironically they play this song when the 6th graders leave her Primary school as well. See endings and beginnings….