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    Paperback and don’t look back!


    Monique McDonell Reading Mr Right and Other Mongrels
    I know that title doesn’t exactly rock but does rhyme…maybe that’s as good as it gets some days.

    On this beautiful Monday morning I want to let you know that the paperback of Mr Right and Other Mongrels is now available at Amazon and Createspace.

    It’s retailing for $14.99 plus postage.

    I have ordered several copies that will be here next week. So if you’re a local and want one directly from me, complete with my serial killer/bad handwriting signature then send me an e-mail or let me know when I see you.

    If you haven’t entered the competition to win a copy go here and do so.

    I will be announcing the winner on Wednesday!!

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    The paperback is now available at Createspace.com !


    Monique McDonell Reading Mr Right and Other MongrelsIt’s official the paperback of Mr Right and Other Mongrels is officially available.


    It will be available at Amazon by the week’s end and at destinations beyond to follow.

    I will certainly keep you posted with the details!

    As you can see it was pretty exciting to get the first couple of copies in my hot little hands and have a read.

    Thanks for the interest, encouragement and support along the way!




    Rob Kennedy
    8/13/2012 01:06:56 pm

    Well done Monique. You both look great. Hope it sells and sells.

    8/13/2012 04:43:59 pm

    Thanks Rob!!