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    Four years – it’s my book and blog birthday


    Mr Right and Other Mongrels ScreenshotThis month is four years since I started this blog and four years since I published my first novel Mr Right and Other Mongrels. (I’ll be honest with you, I had to double check that because it feels so much longer than that to me).

    Here is a screen shot of my first blog post. I remember feeling excited and so proud of myself that I had managed to set up my very own blog, all by myself and post something. Meanwhile behind the scenes I was busy getting my first book baby ready. It was a heady and scary time.

    Last night I lay in bed and contemplated the last four years. Sometimes pursuing this writing dream seems thankless and pointless (ask any writer from the most to the least successful).

    Here’s what I worked out:
    – I’ve published five stand alone novels under my own name
    – I’ve published one under a pen name (It was picked up by a publisher that shut and reverted back to me)
    – I’ve published four books in the Upper Crust Series
    – I have been included in a Mother’s Day charity anthology
    – I’ve had commissioned work included in two non-fiction books about writing (One only came out this week)
    – I have two more Upper Crust Books written and ready to go
    – I have a Christmas and a Valentine’s Novella waiting to publish
    – I have two novels under my pen-name ready to publish
    – I have a novella going in a NYE box set

    That’s not nothing. (Meanwhile I’ve run a small business and kept my family going and tried to be a nice friendly community member).

    As writers it’s easy to focus on what doesn’t happen but sometimes it isn’t a bad thing to focus on the positive and reflect on what has been achieved. Writing can be lonely (that’s why writers are so grateful when you tell them you liked their book or leave a review – it is everything to us).

    So if you’ve stayed with me on this journey, thank you. If you’ve read my books or followed my blog thank you. If you ask about my writing when you see me, thank you. I do appreciate it.

    Mr Right and Other Mongrels is now on sale for #99cents if you haven’t yet read it, now might be the time.

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