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    Zigging and zagging and keeping on going


    Can you even believe it is July? No really, can you? I just can’t.

    I used to believe that old adage “time flies when you’re having fun” but this year has been boring at best and craptastic at worst for me – depending on the day, and I still can’t believe it’s half-done. So I guess time waits for no man or woman to get herself together and start moving forward. Good to know.

    It’s summer of course where many of my readers are but it is winter here in Sydney and I am just not a winter girl. I like my sun shining, my breezes warm and my toes not frozen thanks very much. I’m lucky I don’t live in Norway or Wisconsin because I for sure would suffer from seasonal depression and I really feel for those people who have to endure long, dark winters.

    Really here in Australia we are very lucky that our climate is so mild. On the other hand where I live half the people don’t have decent heating and most of the cafe’s are designed as if the temperature was never below about seventy-five degrees or the mid-twenties in celsius so venturing outside can be chilly.

    Still this is good writing weather.

    I am about to send book 5 in the Upper Crust Series off to the editor. I’m a bit behind but it’s coming and Book 6 is ready to go behind it. I also have a Christmas novella ready to be edited and I have a story going in a New Year’s multi-author box set so there will be a few new releases from me in the latter part of the year. Oh and I have a Valentine’s novella ready to go too.

    A few people have said The Upper Crust Series needs a seventh book to tie up all the loose ends so I better get working on that as well.

    Meanwhile I have started a new series I’m really excited about and I hope my readers will be too. I’m writing the first two books simultaneously (I do like a challenge) and I’m going to be pitching it to a few traditional publishers and if they’re not keen that series will start releasing in 2017.

    I always feel like I’m marking time but I guess maybe I’m zig-zagging rather than running on the spot.

    And if you do like my Upper Crust Series all the books are on sale now so….pop over to Amazon and grab yourself copies while they’re a bargain. Author.to/MoniqueMcDonell

    The Upper Crust Series Promo Banner Original Covers - Autumn

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    Looking for good summer reads – look no further!


    This weekend (which is I have learnt Memorial Day in America) I’m involved in a wonderful book promotion with lots of wonderful authors from all over the world.

    If you like chick lit, general fiction or suspense then this is a great chance to try some books by some new authors and get some great summer reads.

    All the books are only 99c including two of mine Mr Right and Other Mongrels and my new release Alphabet Dating. Sale starts 24 May according to the US calendar (but mine are already 99c because it is already on sale).

    Make this Weekend Memorable Book Sale Poster

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    Summer in the city


    Beach Hat, Towel and Wine on SandIt’s a very hot summer in my little corner of the world this year. Yesterday Sydney had it’s hottest day on record – ever. It was 46degrees celsius which translates to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. That is hot. I really like the heat but that’s too hot even for me.

    Of course that day was exceptional. I was meant to write or rather to edit Alphabet Dating yesterday but I could not think straight and as that book is set in wintery climes, well it was too much for my poor heat-addled brain to take on.

    The heat has meant we’ve been hitting the beach and the Harbour a lot, which has been lovely. I thought I’d share with you a few shots I took last weekend when we were out on our boat.

    Not for any reason other than it’s nice to see other parts of the world and how other people live. Well, I think it is but I am a notorious sticky-beak.


    Mr Right and Other Mongrels
    And while I have your attention I thought I’d let you know Mr Right and Other Mongrels is free right now Jan 18/19 2013 on Amazon











    Boating, Fishing on Pittwater - Charlotte and Husband
    That’s my family on the boat or off the boat in my daughter’s case.

    Tree Overhanging the Pittwater

    Exposed Beach Rocks
    Clearly there are no oysters left…just shells.

    Jetty on the Pittwater


    Jenn j McLeod
    1/18/2013 04:04:22 pm

    Did someone say summer? You know me and the seasons. I titled the first part of House for all Seasons ‘surviving summer’. I must have known something. hope you are surviving the heat. And do I recognise good old Sydney waterways?


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    Summer and the beach in my books


    Foot Print in the SandIt’s summer in Sydney. I love summer. I’m not really designed for summer what with the red hair and the pale skin and the freckles but I love it anyway.

    I love the smell of the ocean, walking along the sand, the sound of waves crashing onto the shore. I love the sounds the birds and the insects make. The cicada song is like a lullaby to me.

    What I realised is this love of warmer climates is reflected in both the novels I released this year. Allegra in Mr Right and Other Mongrels lives at Manly Beach and her life revolves around the beach quite a bit.

    In Hearts Afire Cassie and Jack find themselves on a North Queensland tropical island also getting some sand between their toes.

    There is something so freeing about sunshine and summer, I think it reveals a different side to people and certainly I think it does for the characters in both these books.

    Here are some of my favourite beachy photos from this year on the blog…just to warm up those of you in cooler climes.

    Sculpture by the Sea Manly
    Manly Beach rock pools
    Manly Beach


    Pamela Cook
    12/13/2012 10:05:43 am

    Thanks for sharing the beach pics Monique. Hopefully we’ll get a decent summer this year and be able to get out there and enjoy it!