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    Technology and the writer


    Social Media Conversation ScreenshotThis week I have been pondering the role technology plays in being an author in this modern day and age.

    I’m not a luddite but I’m also not the first person to embrace a new technology. Some of that is my belief that half the gadgets and gizmos people have duplicate each other – if you’re phone is THAT freaking smart you probably don’t need a tablet and a laptop and a Kindle as well – and some of it is lack of knowledge.

    I work alone and in small business, I’m self employed so I don’t necessarily have the budget to go buy everything and also I have no tech support so if I get it and it doesn’t work, I’m screwed. (Don’t suggest I call my telecommunications provider. Every call to our Telco costs us four house minimum in time!)

    Despite all that when I think about all the technology I’ve embraced in order to promote my writing it’s no wonder it feels like it has been has quite a learning curve:

    – a blog

    – a website

    – Twitter

    – Facebook author page

    – Pinterest

    – Facebook groups

    – Google groups and other online forums

    – Goodreads

    And I’m sure that list is far from comprehensive. There are lots more things I suppose I should be doing (Google+ I know you’re out there but I am not quite sure what to do with you) but that’s already quite a lot to be consistent (or semi-consistent) with. Each of these technologies has their own rules, rhythms and conventions and of course the rules change constantly (Hello Facebook, I’m talking to you).

    It’s a far cry from when Jo sent her book off to the publisher in Little Women, all bound up with brown paper and string and months later received a cheque to say her book was being published and later a printed copy. I’m sure she had more time to focus on her writing as a result (Well maybe not she did have to darn clothes by the fireside and perform all manner of tasks we no longer do…but you get my point).

    Sometimes the technology overwhelms authors (this has happened to me from time to time). I think all you can do is embrace it as best you can, cross your fingers and hope that some of what you’re doing helps your writing to find it’s audience.