Sydney as a character in Mr Right and Other Mongrels


Sydney Opera House - Vivid
One of the things I enjoyed in writing Mr Right and Other Mongrels was the opportunity to showcase parts of Sydney not always focussed on in books and movies.

Everyone recognises this iconic building here (although it does look a bit different lit up for the Vivid Festival) but there are so many other fascinating parts of Sydney.

Allegra’s bookshop is set in beachside Manly, a suburb very close to where I live. It is a fairly popular tourist spot as well but we tend to forget that people live in tourist spots. They run the shops and restaurants and schools in those places and live in the side-streets and up the small stair-cases we often walk past on our travels.

I can regularly be found walking the route at Manly that Allegra runs in the novel (I’d like to say I ran it but anyone who knew me and read this would know that was a blatant lie), having a drink at the Manly Wharf Hotel or catching the Ferry across to the city. My family and I also love walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge (or biking in the case of my husband and daughter).

Other places featured in the book include Lavendar Bay, Balmain, the Rocks and Watsons Bay.

I’ll make an effort to get out and take photos of these places to include on this blog because they are very much a part of the story. They also showcase what a wonderful city Sydney is to live in and visit if you get out and enjoy it.

Monique Walking in the Rain
This is me attempting to capture some of Sydney’s Rocks district in the rain on Saturday.


Karly Lane
6/4/2012 07:00:53 pm

Loved recognising some of the locations in this book Monique- Congratulations on such a great read- it put a smile on my face and left me with a happy sigh! loved it x
6/4/2012 07:11:26 pm

Thanks Karly!! I am so very happy you enjoyed it!

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