Hearts Afire – the next book


At the moment I am working on the edit of my next book Heart’s Afire. I’m busy doing this as I plan to release it late in August and that’s really only six weeks away give or take. (Am I the only one who feels like this year is flying by at an alarming rate?)

Hearts Afire is a bit different to Mr Right and Other Mongrels in that it is more of a traditional contemporary romance written from the points of view of both the main characters, not in first person. I think what the two books have in common is that both are romantic comedies and both have very likeable hard-working heroines who are prepared to go it alone if they have to, but maybe just maybe would be open to some romance if the right guy came along.

I think if you enjoyed one book you will certainly enjoy the other.

Hearts Afire brings together a jilted bride, a fireman, a tropical island and jealous ex.

The fun part for me, given it’s the middle of a cold winter here in Sydney, is spending time on the Great Barrier Reef (if only in my imagination) surrounded by azure seas, white sand and cocktails.

I’ll be sharing more information about Hearts Afire in the coming weeks including the cover, excerpts and some fun competitions. In the meantime…
Great Barrier Reef

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