A musical interlude for a sunny day


Beach view from towel
I was down at Manly today writing and having a coffee. As a writer who also writes for her day job sometimes sitting in the same place day in day out can squash the creativity and a change of scene helps.

It’s a seriously beautiful autumn day in Sydney and there were tourists everywhere. I have some serious guilt issues and whenever I see tourists in Sydney and the weather is less than stellar I feel very guilty. I always want to go and apologise. Issues man issues.

Anyway today there was no need at all for that.

On my way home this song came on the radio and it seemed to fit so well with my current WIP (Work in progress) that I thought I’d share it with you.

I do happen to believe that love should be easy and shouldn’t hurt but as know in a romance or a chick lit novel the path of true love usually is rather bumpy…that’s one of my challenges in writing actually. I consider my characters to be friends and just like with friends I can’t help my characters to be happy.

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