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I’ve been a pretty bad blogger the past couple of weeks but admittedly I have been on vacation. See those pictures up above, they prove it. We went on a family road trip from sunny Sydney to the Gold Coast in Queensland. It is the middle of winter so although you see and sand it wasn’t as toasty warm as these photos imply. Whoever said the camera never lies well that guy was a liar.

Anyway it’s always nice to recharge the batteries, drink a few cocktails, ride some rollercoasters and get ready for the months ahead.

As a parent I’m amazed at how fast time is passing and am all too aware that my delightful 13 year old will be off on her own adventures soon and I will no longer be part of her vacations so I really do try and seize the moments now because they are all too fleeting.(Having said that I’m kind of theme parked out for now!)

So back to the desk. My new novella which will be out in August will be making it’s way to the editor this week. That’s exciting for me. I’m working on it’s sequel. The novella is the first in a series and I hope that readers like the characters. I like them. Smart women making their way in the big city while keeping their sense of humour…the kind of women I like to hang out with both in real life and in a book.(Sneak peek of the cover coming soon – sign up to my newsletter if you want to see it.)

Don’t forget about this giveaway I’m part of. It’s a great opportunity to win some prizes donated by a wide variety of authors. (See entry form below).

And finally for Musical Monday…one of my favourite songs for singing loudly in the car on a road trip – Story of a Girl. very fitting for a writer whose main characters are usually girls finding their way.

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