New Author Pictures for the New Year…


Monique McDonellNot long ago I had some new author photos taken.

I never really loved the one I had and I always looked a little stilted and unnatural in them. I’m not the world’s most photogenic person but I usually look better in photos that aren’t staged. I guess it is a lucky coincidence the Ford Model Agency never came calling back in the day – I guess, short, freckled red-headed women weren’t the big thing back when I was a teen (or ever).

Anyway, my lovely husband, helped me take these. It’s always weird to look at yourself in photos but they are I do believe as good as it is going to get.

The truth is I don’t want to be one of those authors who have photos taken of them and use that same photo twenty years, five hairstyles and fifteen kilograms later. I have met authors who I would NEVER have recognised from their author photos.

Anyway I hope to revamp my website, newsletter and Facebook page in the new year (Can you believe that’s only 11 days away?) and these photos will come in handy.

I actually prefer this one. I guess I look better when I have something else to focus on. Oh yeah and I’m holding my lovely paperbacks which you can get from Amazon.

Monique McDonell Author Photo - A Fair Exchange

Monique McDonell Author Photo - Mr Right and Other Mongrels
Monique McDonell Books and Champagne


Angela Parson Myers
12/21/2014 11:32:59 am

Love them! You look very relaxed and natural, and I love that you’re “reading.” I know what you mean about not recognizing some authors. When I had my photo taken, I told the photographer I didn’t want him to Photoshop the wrinkles out. And he didn’t…darn it. 🙂

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