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    Love in the City Box Set Launch

    Love in the CityI’m excited to share the Love in the City Box Set launch with you – lots of these ladies are online writing friends of mine and I’ve been lucky enough to meet several of them in person including – Sariah Wilson, Becky Monson,  Melissa Baldwin and Kathryn R Biel who I met at the RWA in Denver a couple of years ago now. I also gotto hang out with the gorgeous NZ author both at the RWA and in Australia when she visited. I know this boxset will not disappoint. It’s just 99cents this week!

    Get ready for thirteen heart pounding and laugh out loud rom-coms from thirteen bestselling and award winning authors, including Amazon chart toppers and USA TODAY bestsellers. Filled with mystery, second chances, soulmates, brother’s best friends, bad boys, nobility, and the cute guy in the cubicle next to you, these stories will captivate you and leave you wishing for more.

    Download this limited edition box set while you can and indulge in these sweet and sexy leading men and strong and beautiful heroines while they fall in love in cities around the world.

    Sariah Wilson – All’s Fair in Love and War
    Becky Monson -The Love Potion
    Jennifer Peel – Love the One You’re With
    Kirsty Greenwood – Love Will Save the Day
    Whitney Dineen – Love for Sale
    Aven Ellis – Love, the Viscount, & Me
    Shari L. Tapscott – Little Lost Love Letter
    Lucy McConnell – Can’t Forget a Love Like That
    Kate O’Keeffe – A Very English Love Story
    Erin Huss – Love, Lies, and Limo Rides
    Melissa Baldwin – Thanks for the Love
    Stephanie Fowers – Love at the Masquerade
    Kathryn R. Biel – Vision of Love

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    Cat Lavoie author of Messing with Matilda author Q&A and blog tour stop


    Messing With Matilda by Cat Lavoie Cover Reveal

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    Cat Lavoie – Messing With Matilda
    Messing With Matilda by Cat Lavoie
    Published by Cat Lavoie on April 4, 2018
    Genres: Chick Lit, Romantic Comedy

    As a professional organizer in New York City, Matilda Hart wages war against chaos and clutter on a daily basis for her clients—and she vows to never let it invade her own well-ordered world.

    But when her boyfriend decides to deviate from the path she’s been planning for them, Matilda’s perfectly structured life begins to crumble. She reluctantly finds herself back in the tiny hometown she fled a lifetime ago—determined to lay low and avoid running into anyone she used to know. So why is she reconnecting with her former best friend and putting up with the bridezilla antics of Amber, her high school nemesis?

    When Matilda is tasked with keeping the bride-to-be’s heartbroken ex away from the ceremony, she discovers she has history with the man who’s trying to sabotage the wedding. Matilda quickly realizes that teaming up with cute and quirky—but hopelessly devoted—Silas Flynn could be mutually beneficial. He needs help wooing the woman he considers the love of his life and Matilda can’t pass up the chance to finally get back at the meanest of the mean girls by assisting Silas in his attempts to disrupt her wedding.

    Will everything go according to plan for this mismatched pair? Or will working so closely together make uptight Matilda and laid-back Silas lose sight of their common goal?

    One thing’s for sure—things are about to get messy.

    About Cat Lavoie

    Cat LavoieCat Lavoie is a chick lit writer from Montreal, Canada. She loves writing fun and quirky romantic comedies and is the author of BREAKING THE RULES, ZOEY & THE MOMENT OF ZEN, PERI IN PROGRESS and MESSING WITH MATILDA.

    A fan of all things feline, Cat loves cats and hopes to someday have a house full of them in order to officially become a crazy cat lady. (But one or two cats will do for now.)

    If she isn’t reading or writing, Cat enjoys listening to podcasts (mostly comedy and true crime) and watching way too much TV. She fell in love with London many years ago and hopes to go back one day. Cat is currently at work on her next novel.








    To connect with Cat and find out more about her books, visit CatLavoie.com and follow @CatLavoieBooks on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    Author Q&A
    1. What was the inspiration for your novel?
    I wanted to write a story about two completely mismatched characters who need to work together for
    a common goal. I love a good “opposites attract” story—and so laid-back Silas and uptight Matilda were born.
    2. When did you take up writing?
    I’ve been writing my entire life—I used to scribble stories in my notebooks at school and I started countless short stories that I never finished. But, in my early twenties, I decided to take it seriously and write a novel.
    3. How important is setting/place in your writing?
    I created the fictional town of Messina, Connecticut in my second novel, Zoey & the Moment of Zen. That setting is especially important in Messing with Matilda since Matilda is not very fond of her hometown—it represents a past she doesn’t want to revisit. Unlike Matilda, I’m quite fond of Messina and look forward to setting more stories there.
    4. Do you have a favourite character (s) in your current novel?
    Definitely Silas. He’s quirky and adorable and I loved writing dialogue for him.

    ​5. What’s the best piece of writing advice you were ever given?

    Keep writing—everything will eventually fall into place.

    6. Do you have a schedule for writing?
    I have a hectic day job, so I write whenever I can. I try to get a lot of writing done during lunch breaks and weekends.

    7. Are you a plotter or someone who tends to wing it?
    I’m a plotter. I need to have a plan before I start writing, but if the story takes over and leads me in another direction, I’m willing to toss the plan.

    8. Can you name three of four of your current favourite books?
    In recent months, I’ve loved Tracie Banister’s latest, Izzy As Is, and The Royal Treatment by Melanie Summers. I also quite enjoyed The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn.

    9. Can you tell me a little bit about what you are working on now?
    I’m in the early stages of plotting and doing research for my next novel. Even though I’m sad to leave Matilda and the gang behind, getting to know new characters is so much fun!

    10. What advice would you give to a fledgling writer to assist them on their journey?
    I’d tell them… believe in yourself and your story. Write the story you want to tell and don’t worry too much about what’s going to happen after “the end.” And, of course, keep writing!


    I don’t want to go home. Facing an empty apartment—one I now know I’ll be living in for the foreseeable future—is too much to handle right now. But I can’t stand on the sidewalk forever while strangers walk around me giving me annoyed looks. I can’t be mad at them—if the situation were reversed, I’d be one of those strangers wondering why the idiot in the black cocktail dress isn’t moving.
    So I start moving.
    Since home isn’t an option, I decide to walk to Hart Your Space and partake in one of my favorite activities—ordering office supplies. My newest obsession is colorful paperclips and I feel like ordering two boxes today—look at me being all reckless with money. I also have a few follow-up appointments next week and I should look over my notes again just to make sure I’m adequately prepared. I could schedule a lunch date with Dr. Paxton too, but none of these things are urgent and just thinking of the word “date” makes me want to throw up what little dinner I ate.
    I take out my phone and see a new voicemail from my mother and two emoji-filled texts from Evie with a series of hearts, keys, and question marks. It’s like she knows something’s going on. Ignoring my messages, I fish my headphones out of my bag and connect them to my phone. Inserting the tiny white buds into my ears, I open up the podcast app on my phone and find the episode I was listening to earlier. The smooth voice of the narrator blasts into my ears—blocking out most of the traffic noise and the random conversations of the people walking past me—and I sigh with relief.
    “It was a gruesome crime scene, and I was the first police officer who responded to the call. Even twenty years later, I can still remember every single detail. They are etched into my memory, and I still become emotional when discussing the events of that day.”
    You wouldn’t think that listening to Crime Stalker with Jake Deno—a podcast about an NYPD homicide detective and his most memorable cases—would have a calming effect on anyone, but I’m completely fascinated by it, downloading each episode onto my phone as soon as it’s released. I listen to it at the gym, during my commute when Evie isn’t with me, and when I need to become immersed in someone else’s gory reality to escape my own.
    Forty-five minutes later, I’m a few steps away from my office, and I’ve already decided that I’m taking a cab home when I’m done here. My feet are killing me, and I can’t wait to collapse on my desk chair and kick off the uncomfortable shoes that are giving me blisters. If I had known I’d be storming out of my date with Arthur, I would have worn the orthopedic shoes he prescribed to me after diagnosing me with flat feet, or pes planus as they say in the foot business. The heel is so chunky, it would have been perfect to throw at Arthur’s head when he started talking about Fiona and Boston. I try to forget about those two idiots as I rip the buds out of my ears.


    Cat Lavoie
    4/12/2018 04:31:57 pm

    Thank you so much for having me, Monique! I had such a great time answering your questions! 🙂 Thanks for being part of my blog tour!

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    Q&A with Nicole Leiren author of Deadly Dirty Martinis


    Nicole Leiren - Deadly Dirty Martinis -Blog Tour Banner
    Question and Answer with Nicole Leiren

    1. What was the inspiration for your novel?
    This is the second novel I’ve written for the Danger Cove Cocktail series so I wanted to delve a little more into Lilly (the protagonist) and her relationship with her parents. With the novel coming out in November, a Thanksgiving theme seemed very appropriate and a way to work in the idea that family is not always people who are related to us. Lilly had found a new sense of home with her friends and co-workers at Smugglers’ Tavern, but things got a little crazy when her parents show up—and then, of course, someone was murdered on Tavern property.
    2. When did you take up writing?
    I did the customary poetry in high school to help express all the crazy emotions that are part of every day life during that phase of life but didn’t start writing stories until I discovered fanfiction over ten years ago. I had so much fun exploring and honing my craft in the fanfic world that I decided to try my hand at an original story. That first story has been re-titled and re-written countless times, but is still waiting for its moment to shine. My next novel, my first story in the Heroes of the Night series, came about after meeting a retired soldier on a plane. His story and views on life inspired me to create a character from what I learned (with his permission of course!) and brought about my first publishing contract.
    3. How important is setting/place in your writing?
    I’m going to be honest as I like to keep it real with everyone – to me, the story itself is the most important part of my writing. I love fast paced dialogue that moves a story along and immerses the reader into the mind of the characters so they feel everything as intensely as those in the story. As a result, setting plays a role, but not as active in my stories as perhaps in other author’s stories. Because Danger Cove is a unique place, with many great characters (written by many different authors), it does, however, play an important role in the story. It’s almost as though Danger Cove itself is one of the characters.
    I may have contradicted myself with that answer – LOL but I think it depends on what story I’m writing as to how important the setting will be. Hope that makes sense!
    4. Do you have a favourite character (s) in your current novel?
    Of course I love my main character, Lilly, but if I had to pick a favourite outside of her, it would have to be Abe, the gardener. I love the relationship he and Lilly have as he’s like the grandfather she never knew (you can learn why that is in the first novel, Heroes and Hurricanes). Their interactions can be tense at times, but they always come to an understanding and their friendship is strengthened.
    5. What’s the best piece of writing advice you were ever given?
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips once shared this valuable piece of advice (at least it was exactly what I needed to hear at the time.) She said (and I’m paraphrasing here) “If you aren’t writing because life has gotten in the way, that’s okay. You can give yourself a break. But, if you aren’t writing because you don’t know where your story is going next, that is NOT an excuse!” I always remember that when I’m hesitant to put my butt in the chair and fingers to the keyboard.
    6. Do you have a schedule for writing?
    When I’m under contract and have a deadline, absolutely I do! I use WriteTrack to set up my project and help me track my progress. I’m a very visual person so if I see I’m falling behind, I dedicate more time to get caught up. My schedule is to minimally keep even with where WriteTrack says I should be each day to finish my story on time. If that means 20 minutes, then I’ll write for at least 20 minutes. If it means two hours…then two hours it is.
    7. Are you a plotter or someone who tends to wing it?
    I started out being more of a pantser (the wing it by the seat of my pants kinda gal lol) but when I switched from contemporary sweet romance to cozy mystery, I found plotting was essential. Now, I’m a decent mixture of both. I do the plotting as I need to know where I’m heading in the story and get to the “whodunit” in a logical manner, but I also allow the characters the freedom to take me down a different path if they so choose. For example, I was over half-way through writing Deadly Dirty Martinis when I knew something wasn’t write. I let the characters take the lead for a little (yeah, us authors are a little crazy like that) and discovered who the REAL killer was – and it wasn’t who I’d plotted! Thankfully, it only took a little tweaking to make it all work. So I think it’s important to be open to something outside the outline.
    8. Can you name three of four of your current favourite books?
    Sadly, reading is a luxury I don’t get to do very often (I know, I know!!) but when I do, I love to reach for a Lee Child (Jack Reacher) novel or one I recently read which I enjoyed very much was Jim Cangany’s “Start Your Engines” – a fantastic story about a second chance at love set in the racing industry. I’m also a huge fan of Sara Parestky and love reading her stories as well.
    9. Can you tell me a little bit about what you are working on now?
    I’m working on edits for the next installment of the Danger Cove Cocktail, Tequila Trouble, which is due out this summer. I also have a new series, entitled “Delivering Applewood” out for consideration with some publishers. It’s set in the fictional town of Applewood in Door County, Wisconsin. If you’ve never had a chance to visit Door County, I highly recommend it!
    10. What advice would you give to a fledgling writer to assist them on their journey?
    First, never give up. This business is full of rejection and disappointment, but there’s also the immense joy you receive in completing a project, having someone read it and telling you how much it affected them. Authors are an amazing and supportive group, be sure to connect with them – in person and online – you won’t regret it.
    Next, understand that – at the end of the day – this IS a business. Once you have published your first novel, you have to balance the business side and the creative side. This is essential for continued success.
    And finally, never give up. Being able to immerse someone else in your story is the greatest gift. Keep writing, learning, and telling your stories!

    Thank you, Monique, for the opportunity to be a part of your blog and your day.

    Deadly Dirty Martinis by Nicole Leiren
    Published by Gemma Halliday Publishing on November 7, 2017
    Genres: Cozy Mystery

    Lilly Waters is loving life as the new assistant manager at the Smugglers’ Tavern in the small town of Danger Cove. So the last thing she wants or expects is an impromptu family reunion with the wannabe-rock star dad and his number-one-fan (her mother) who were noticeably absent from her childhood. Not only does Lilly have her hands full dealing with Mom and Dad who act more like teenagers than parents, but she also finds herself in hot water when the son of a Chicago mob boss is murdered on tavern property. Now Lilly’s mom is the number one suspect, and Lilly isn’t sure where her loyalties lie.

    The search for answers leads Lilly down a dangerous path where she uncovers more suspects than she can say Thanksgiving grace over—including a tattooed trouble maker, a gambler who turned against the mob, and even her own father! All their motivations prove dirtier than her signature martinis, and if Lilly doesn’t get to the truth soon, not only will dinner be ruined, but the killer may serve her up on a silver platter.

    Enter to win a $5 Amazon Gift Card!
    About Nicole Leiren
    Described by those who know her best as perky, quirky and effervescent, USA Today Best-Selling author Nicole Leiren likes to have fun — in life, with her characters and, of course, her readers. She admits to being sassy (just ask her mother!) and inspiration for her characters are drawn from the real-world heroes and heroines she meets while traversing the country.

    Nicole enjoys sharing the love, laughter, mystery, and occasionally a touch of the mayhem she forces her characters to endure—all for the reader’s pleasure! Her real-world heroes and heroines will keep you turning the pages until you reach the whodunit or happily ever after (usually both!)

    Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Street Team

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    Nicole Leiren
    2/27/2018 04:40:41 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing!!

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    Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen Blog Tour


    Promo Signup || Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen by Colette Kebell (Blog Tour 1/29-2/4)Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen! (Or so Mother Says by Colette Kebell Published by Skittish Endeavours on December 25, 2014 Genre: Chick Lit

    A Chick Lit Lover’s Delight. Fashion may be the central theme; along with a nagging mother, but with friendships, intrigue, a villain, romance, food and laughter too.

    GiGi is a woman with a mission: to help people improve the way they look, increase their self-esteem, and eventually, make them happier people. Being a personal shopper is a dark art, with few tangible rewards. Spread by word of mouth, her clients would never admit they needed her assistance. Let us be honest, who would admit to being in need of a style consultant?

    The first step is to admit you need help with your wardrobe. When you have recognised that, you are on the path to recovery, and GiGi’s services will help you, despite her mother nagging that she is not doing a “real” job.

    So, is it just a matter of going around and helping people buy clothes and shoes?

    Not quite so. Money is tight; GiGi has to work with wealthy and eccentric people, who often do not have any idea about what they want. She and her business partner Ritchie are in a constant struggle to keep the business afloat, but as they say in Dragon’s Den, she is very investable. But, with success comes the difficulties, the Battersea Fashion Center is going to open soon, and they claim they will be fierce competitors.

    With the constant struggle to keep her business afloat; a powerful enemy lining up ready to make a meal out of her, knowing well that GiGi’s approach, eventually, will make her successful. The business expands, and they take onboard new partners, making them one of the most influential fashion consultancy firms in London. But, with a very demanding job, hours spent working, will she be able to balance her career and her private life?

    About Colette Kebell

    Colette Kebell is an author of Chicklit, though a relatively new one and thus far has self-published her books. Her books are light-hearted, fun and quirky and even considered by some to be inspirational. She has also found avenues to translate both into Italian (thanks to her husband), and one, thus far, into French, Spanish and Portuguese via Babelcube.

    As a career, Colette spent her later years as a legal secretary. After a first attempt at writing many years ago (a book that still remains in her drawer) she resumed this passion a few years back, following being made redundant. After a few book signing events and a book talk, which almost caused her to collapse with nerves, Colette now spends her time between her home in the UK and her home in France.

    Colette has two adorable dogs and spends some time, when not writing and marketing her books, cooking for herself and her husband, gardening or designing various items for their home. Amongst her other hobbies, she has also experimented with furniture upholstery, and she might, from time to time, have a paintbrush in her hand.

    She can be found on twitter @ColetteKebell though doesn’t tweet a vast amount.

    Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon

    Blog Tour Organized By:
    Excerpt from Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen

    Colette Kebell
    1/29/2018 10:00:30 am

    I just wanted to pop on by to say a massive thank you, Monique for taking part in my current #Blog #Tour organised by #Karan & Co. This means more to me than you can imagine both from your efforts and Karan & Co’s. Also, for any that are interested, both my books are half-price (so mega cheap) on #Amazon currently, to coincide with this blog tour. Happy reading all, as without all your readers (myself included) where would us authors be 🙂 You are all very much appreciated and I know that ever author on this planet hopes to bring enjoyment to each and every reader, no matter the genre, as otherwise we wouldn’t get up in the mornings to write and you would have no books to read 🙂 Thank you all so much :)x x
    Monique McDonell
    1/30/2018 12:07:01 am

    You are very welcome Collette, so happy to host you. As a reader I’m always looking for new authors and I know those who visit here are as well.

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    Beyond Physical Blog Tour


    Beyond Physical - Cover
    Someone is murdering politicians all over the country, and everything points to supernatural forces at work. But FBI agent Richard Fields has always relied on his strong sense of logic and is determined to expose the truth.

    The lazy beach-town of Fort Sunshine, Florida seems to be the epicenter of a secret New Age society implicated in the murders. Richard’s way of finding the killers may end up being Dr. Joy Clayton, a woman who intrigues him. She magnetizes Richard, but he knows better than to trust someone who looks too good to be true. In order to solve the mystery, he’ll have to infiltrate himself in her life and uncover her secrets. He will also need to immerse himself in the teachings of an uncommon Spiritual Master who will shake his skeptical world.

    Solving the case not only holds the future to Richard’s career, it’s also a matter of National Security. The clock is ticking before the assassins strike again. But as Richard is forced to go beyond his logic and physical senses, he may find himself fighting an enemy larger than he expected––his own demons.







    About the Author
    D. Pichardo Johansson
    D. Pichardo-Johansson is a Board Certified physician practicing in Florida. Her Romance specialty is “Connection of the minds and the souls, more than only the bodies.” Her Mystery specialty is “How to murder someone and ensure a negative autopsy.”

    She’s also a firm believer in the body-mind-spirit link and the healing power of laughter. Her motto is that The Best Health Booster Is Wanting to be Alive. For that reason, she only writes positive stories, uplifting for the heart.

    D. Pichardo-Johansson is a self-proclaimed “Expert on Finding Love Against All Prognoses.” She lives in Melbourne Beach, Florida with her Soulmate Husband—a reformed eternal bachelor turned into happy stepfather—and her four children, including twins and a child with special needs.










    Connect with the Author
    ​Website: http://www.pichardo-johansson-md.com/
    Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17347672.D_Pichardo_Johansson
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/DPJohanssonMD
    Amazon Author: https://www.amazon.com/D-Pichardo-Johansson/e/B071G6VF64/
    Newsletter Signup: http://www.pichardo-johansson-md.com/sign_up_form/

    Excerpt from Beyond Physical
    ​Richard felt an inexplicable frustration rise in him. “How could I believe in anything holding together the universe? Look around you, and you’ll see the chaos in the world. There’s suffering everywhere we go: death, cancer, natural disasters, people killing their own children, hate, war—”
    She cut him off. “There’s also love, laughter, people following their passion, people helping other people in times of need, brave souls overcoming tragedies and walking out of them as improved human beings.”
    Grunting, he shook his head. He couldn’t explain the passion he was feeling. “Oh, Joy, you’re so naïve. That laughter, that love, is unfairly distributed. They’re a privilege of only a handful of people on the planet.”
    Joy sighed. “And like Martin Luther King said, all I can do is to be the change I want to see.”
    “I don’t mean to be offensive,” he replied, “but just to believe that change is possible, you must have had a sheltered life. I bet you’ve never been held up at gunpoint or beaten up for being different. I bet you’ve never seen your children hungry and wondered what’s it going to take for you to be able to feed them.”
    She didn’t answer. He should’ve felt glad to have had the last word; but instead, he felt somehow disappointed. He had to admit he’d started to enjoy the verbal duel and resented its ending.
    Stillness filled the car for the rest of the ride to the Hospice House. As Richard cooled down, he feared he’d spoken too much. (…)
    They arrived at Richard’s large SUV in the parking lot. He started walking toward his car, but then, feeling a need to mend things up, he turned back. He tapped her window until she opened it and then held her arm to prevent her from leaving.
    “I hope my negative comments didn’t make you reconsider your offer to let me shadow you. I have a lot to learn from you.”
    She didn’t answer, and she didn’t look happy. He added, “I don’t think you’re the type of person who’d discriminate against someone for their religious preferences. In the same way, I’m hopeful that you won’t discriminate against me because I’m a non-believer.”
    To his relief, Joy smiled,(…)
    She spoke slowly. Her voice was calm. “Richard, you have a typical case of anger against God. Think about it. You’re angry with God. By definition, you can’t be angry with someone you don’t believe exists. Therefore, you do believe in God.”
    Richard froze.
    She smiled. “Conclusion: you’re not a non-believer; you’re an angry believer.”
    He gaped at her, speechless. Her smile shifted into a smirk. “Have a good night.”
    Then she took off, leaving him standing in the parking lot, unable to answer.
    A strange rush of excitement came upon him, reminding him of a time practicing judo with a worthy contestant who’d surprised him with a master judo hold. He smiled.
    That had been the most stimulating debate he’d had in ages.

    Where to Find Beyond Physical
    Universal Buy Link

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    Three Last First Dates Blog Tour


    Three Last First Dates - Blog Tour Banner
    About Three Last First Dates
    Three Last First Dates - Cover
    From Amazon Bestselling Author, Kate O’Keeffe comes this new title in the Cozy Cottage Café Series.
    When it comes to men, Marissa Jones is totally committed to not being committed. One major heartbreak is enough for her.
    Against her better judgment, Marissa agrees to a pact with her friends to marry the next guy she dates. But she isn’t going to take any chances. For her, it’s a numbers game, and one last first date just isn’t enough. So, she ups the ante–three first dates with three very different guys, all in one day.
    But can any of these men live up to her high standards?
    Despite a few bumps in the road, from the three, she chooses The One. That is until the motorcycle-riding ex she never got over turns up, changing everything.
    In the end, do you choose love or does love choose you?
    Escape to New Zealand in this fun, feel-good chick lit story.









    ​Read the Cozy Cottage Cafe series
    Book 1: One Last First Date https://books2read.com/koolfd
    Book 2: Two Last First Dates https://books2read.com/kotlfd
    Book 3: Three Last First Dates – https://books2read.com/ko3lfd
    Book 4: A Final Last First Date – coming early-2018

    Where to Find Three Last First Dates

    Universal Link

    Meet Kate
    Kate O'Keeffe
    Kate O’Keeffe is a bestselling author of fun, feel-good romantic comedies. She lives and loves in beautiful New Zealand with her family, two scruffy dogs, and a cat who thinks he’s a scruffy dog too. He’s not: he’s a cat.
    She is a wife, a mother, and a chocolate expert. Seriously. She loves to read, to hang out with friends, and to hike up the big hill behind her house each day.
    To date, she’s written the Amazon bestselling chick lit series, the Cozy Cottage Café, the Wellywood Romantic Comedy Series, a fun holiday novella, and co-authored One Way Ticket with fellow author, Melissa Baldwin. ​






    Connect with Kate
    Website: https://www.kateokeeffe.com
    Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8195990.Kate_O_Keeffe
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kateokeeffeauthor/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/kateokeeffe4
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kateokeeffeauthor/
    Amazon Author: https://www.amazon.com/Kate-OKeeffe/e/B00KIZGG1O/
    Newsletter Signup: https://www.kateokeeffe.com/newsletter

    Blog Tour Schedule
    Find The Three Last First Dates blog tour schedule here!
    Three Last First Dates Excerpt
    ​MY NAME IS MARISSA Jones, and I’m totally committed to not being committed.
    There, I said it. It was out there.
    In fact, I had a long and impressive history of avoiding commitment. I was the Commitment Phobia Queen, if you will. I was good at it, really good. If you looked “commitmentphobe” up in a dictionary, I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if you’d have found a photo of me, running away from some bewildered-looking guy as quickly as my feet could carry me.
    That was why, when it came to dating, I was fussier than an OCD patient off their meds. And why not? A girl had to have standards, right? I never expected to “settle” for someone, and nor did I want to. No way. No one but Mr. Absolutely Right would do for me.
    Only problem was, I was having a hard time finding him.
    That’s why I agreed to a pact with my best friends to marry the next guy I dated. Which in hindsight, for a commitmentphobe like me, was an off-the-charts crazy thing to do. Certifiable. I had really only agreed to the pact because I was sick of dating—that and the large amount of chardonnay I had imbibed that evening.
    To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t really taken it all that seriously at the time.
    And then “the thing” happened and I knew I had to find him, I had to find The One. There was simply no more time to waste.
    But, instead of going on a regular old date with some random guy, I decided to go on three dates in one day. I liked the math: one of me, three of them. It more than worked in my favor.
    Not only that, I had thoroughly vetted each of the three guys before I even threw on my outfit for the first date. If this was going to work—and I really, really wanted it to—I needed to go in with my eyes wide open.
    “I still can’t believe you’re doing this,” Paige said, shaking her head and smiling at me over our cups of coffee, what was left of our slices of cake in crumbs on our plates. “Three dates in one day? You’re brave.”
    “Why not? You and Cassie put all your eggs in one basket, and I don’t want to do that. I mean, I know you ended up with the right guys in the end, but they weren’t the men you went on your Last First Dates with, right?” They nodded. “Well, I figured going out with three different guys has to improve the odds.”
    “You’re right about that.” Paige nodded, her eyebrows raised. “Can you give us the lowdown on who these guys are? We need all the details, right, Cassie?”
    “Oh, yes. Especially how good they look with their shirts off,” Cassie added with a wicked grin.
    “Well, I’m hardly going to find that out on a first date, but”—I raised my hand in the Girl Guides’ salute—“I do solemnly swear to report all important details to you as they transpire.”

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    Something of a Spark Blog Tour


    Something of a Spark - Monique McDonell - Blog Tour
    Book Information
    Title: Something of a Spark
    Author: Monique McDonell
    Series: A Jewel Sisters Romance #1
    Release Date: October 31, 2017
    Genres: Chick Lit
    Publisher: Redfish Publishing

    About Something of a Spark
    Jewel Sisters - Something of a Spark - Original CoverSometimes keeping a secret is more trouble than it’s worth.
    Growing up as one of the Jewel Sisters of Caudal Bay has never been easy for Sapphire Smith. As far as her friend’s and family are concerned she’s now a struggling radio DJ living in Sydney and working part-time as a PA for her best friend country music star Ryan Storm.
    But that’s only part of the story.
    When an accident in her home town brings real-life hero and firefighter Campbell into her world their relationship starts with a smoulder and slowly begins to spark. Campbell has given up his career as a corporate lawyer for a quieter, more rewarding life. He loves his new town and the welcoming atmosphere as much as Saffy loves the anonymity of the city.
    As their relationship begins to heat up one thing is clear – Cam is all about honesty while Saffy has something to hide: her work partnership with Ryan involves more than social media and if the truth comes out it could be a disaster for them both.
    Will Saffy come clean before their secret gets out? Or will her desire to keep people at arm’s length see her relationship with Ryan fizzle out before it has a chance to catch fire.







    Where to Find Something of a Spark
    Universal Link


    Meet Monique McDonell
    Monique McDonell
    I am an Australian author who writes contemporary women’s fiction including chick lit and romance.
    I have written all my life especially as a child when I loved to write short stories and poetry. At University I studied Creative Writing as part of my Communication degree. Afterwards I was busy working in public relations I didn’t write for pleasure for quite a few years although I wrote many media releases, brochures and newsletters. (And I still do in my day-job!)
    When I began to write again I noticed a trend – writing dark unhappy stories made me unhappy. So I made a decision to write a novel with a happy ending and I have been writing happy stories ever since. I am the author of five stand alone novels including Mr. Right and Other Mongrels and Hearts Afire and the popular Upper Crust Series. Many of my novels focus on an Australian characters meeting and visiting US characters. I have been a member of the writing group The Writer’s Dozen for ten years. Our anthology Better Than Chocolate raised over $10,000 for the charity Room to Read and helped build a library in South East Asia. I am also a member of the Romance Writers of Australia. In 2015 had a piece on writing chick lit featured in the successful Australian non-fiction book Copyfight. I live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with my husband and daughter.
    ​To learn more about my writing, my caffeine obsession and my upcoming books please visit www.moniquemcdonellauthor.com.au.

    Where to Find Monique
    Website: http://www.moniquemcdonellauthor.com/
    Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6154665.Monique_McDonell
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoniqueMcDonellAuthor
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MoniqueMcDonell
    Amazon Author: https://www.amazon.com/Monique-McDonell/e/B0086R9S2U/

    Blog Tour Schedule
    Check out this link to view the blog tour schedule!

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    Q&A with author Isabella Louise Anderson


    Cards From Khloe's Flower Shop Blog Tour Banner
    1. What was the inspiration for your novel?
    Deciding to participate in NaNoWriMo again, I just knew I had to start writing, and as a panster, there was no direction in mind. Having my USWeekly Magazine next to me, that had Khole Kardashian-Odom and Lamar on the cover (I loved them together), was great inspiration. With the desire to have always wanted to own a flower shop, I combined the two.
    2. When did you take up writing?
    I’ve always loved to write. As a young girl, I would create scenes using characters from soap operas, (I love “The Young & the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful”).
    3. How important is setting/place in your writing?
    Each book is different, but I try to bring scenery and atmosphere into my books.
    4. Do you have a favourite character (s) in your current novel?
    While I love all my characters, Connie Albright is my favorite! I know some might not like her, but with all her negativity, she has a heart, and desires love more than anything. (I might even write a novella to check-in on her, so stay tuned!)
    5. What’s the best piece of writing advice you were ever given?
    Try the Pomodoro Technique! I swear, after I tried this it’s changed my life as an author.
    6. Do you have a schedule for writing?
    No, and I’m not an early riser, so I see that I write best when it’s between 3:00-5:00.
    7. Are you a plotter or someone who tends to wing it?
    Both! It just depends on which current WIP I’m working on.
    8. Can you name three of four of your current favourite books?
    “Defining Her” by Samantha March, “Peri in Progress” by Cat Lavoie, and “Dangled Carat” by Hilary Grossman.
    9. Can you tell me a little bit about what you are working on now?
    Yes! The novella I’m working on it about a woman who is an assistant to a celebrity who is in need of a stand-in date for her appearances. What the actress doesn’t know is the assistant hires the man who tortured her in high school. What will happen when everything is exposed, including that the man didn’t mean to torture her, that it was his way of liking her?
    10. What advice would you give to a fledgling writer to assist them on their journey?
    ​Use the Pomodoro Technique! Try to complete five to six sessions, and you will see how much this works!

    About Cards from Khloe’s Flower Shop
    Cards From Khloe's Flower Shop - Cover
    As the owner of a successful florist shop, Khloe Harper trusts her instincts. She has a strong bond with her family and friends, but after being betrayed by her last love, she’s kept herself at arms’ length from romance. When dashing entertainment attorney Derek Thomas walks into her store, Khloe’s interest is piqued. What at first seems like a business relationship quickly turns into romance, and Derek slowly plucks away the petals she’s been hiding behind. Just as Khloe lets down her guard, she discovers that Derek may not be worthy of her love after all.
    Frumpy Connie Albright has a faux fascination with an imaginary man named Walt, thinking that by sending herself flowers from him she’ll feel less out-of-place with the “mean girls” she works with. When she comes face to face with her possible prince charming and thinking she might have a happy ending, when a truth is revealed, she wonders if she’ll ever have a Cinderella story.
    A recently widowed senior, Gabby Lewis, isn’t ready to give up on love—which means releasing herself from survivor’s guilt and taking a chance on finding happiness and companionship again. After signing up for an online dating site for senior citizens, much to her surprise, she’s matched with Harry, an energetic and loving man, who quickly eases himself into her heart. Will Gabby take the leap of falling in love again, knowing it’s possible to have two loves of her life?
    As each woman’s story develops through flowers and cards sent from Khloe’s shop during the Fall months, they begin to learn that love can only truly blossom when you trust your heart.

    Where to Find Cards from Khloe’s Flower Shop
    Universal Link

    Meet Isabella Louise Anderson
    Isabella Louise AndersonIsabella grew up with a book in her hand, and to this day nothing has changed. She focuses her time on featuring other writers on her blog, Chick Lit Goddess, along with organizing Goddess Book Tours, and is a member of the Romance Writers of America.
    She lives in Dallas with her husband, enjoys spicy Mexican food, margaritas, gin on the rocks (with a splash of lime). She loves spending time with family and friends and cheering on the Texas Rangers. Not only is Isabella an author, she’s also a Scentsy consultant and hoarder.
    Isabella is the author of The Right Design and Cards From Khloe’s Flower Shop. Her short story, “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe,” was featured in Simon & Fig’s Christmas anthology, Merry & Bright. She’s currently working on another book.


    Where to Find Isabella Louise Anderson
    ​Website: http://www.isabellalouiseanderson.com
    Chick Lit Goddess: https://chicklitgoddess.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IsabellaLouiseAnderson/
    Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7382151.Isabella_Louise_Anderson
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ila121209/
    Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/chicklitgoddess/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ILA121209
    Amazon Author: https://www.amazon.com/Isabella-Louise-Anderson/e/B00IWCNQFO/

    Cards From Khloe's Flower Shop 99c Promo
    Enter the Giveaway

    1 Comment
    Isabella Louise Anderson
    10/23/2017 09:20:40 am

    Thank you for having me today, Monique!

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    Book Blitz Ugly Beautiful Girl by Tracy Krimmer


    Ugly Beautiful Girl - Banner
    This is my stop during the book blitz for Ugly Beautiful Girl by Tracy Krimmer. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 27 September till 3 October. See the tour schedule here: http://www.lolasblogtours.net/book-blitz-ugly-beautiful-girl-by-tracy-krimmer/

    Ugly Beautiful Girl - Cover​Nerd. Weird. Ugly. That’s me. And I don’t want it to be anymore.

    Now is my time to make my mark on the world. My college roommate doesn’t make it easy. Neither does her brother, Jesse, but for completely different reasons. He makes me feel things I’ve never felt before.

    Wanted. Important. Beautiful.

    But we can’t be together because it isn’t real. Someone like him could never fall for someone like me. We aren’t meant to fit together.

    Even if I fall apart without him.

    You can find Ugly Beautiful Girl on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35652017-ugly-beautiful-girl
    ​You can buy Ugly Beautiful Girl here on Amazon http://amzn.to/2trSJfT
    Ugly Beautiful Girl is available on Kindle Unlimited







    About the Author
    tracy Krimmer
    ​Tracy’s love of writing began at nine years old. She wrote stories about aliens at school, machines that did homework for you, and penguins. Now she pens books and short stories about romance. She loves to read a great book, whether it be romance or science fiction, or any genre in between, or pop popcorn and catch up on her favorite TV shows or movies. She’s been known to crush a candy or two as well. Her loves include fitness, reading, coffee, dogs, and naps (not in that order), and her dislikes are blue cheese, cold weather, and burpees.

    You can find and contact Tracy here:
    – Website: http://www.tracykrimmer.com/
    – Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/tkrimms
    – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KrimmerAuthor
    – Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7153703.Tracy_Krimmer
    – Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Tracy-Krimmer/e/B00J1S52SM/
    – Bookbub: https://bookbub.com/authors/tracy-krimmer
    – Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tracykrimmer
    – Newsletter: http://www.tracykrimmer.com/newsletter/
    ​There is a tour wide giveaway for the book blitz of Ugly Beautiful Girl. One winner will win a $10 Amazon Gift card.

    For a chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below:


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    Two Last First Dates Blog Tour


    About Two Last First Dates
    Two Last First Dates - Cover​To Paige Miller, Two Last First Dates sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.
    Paige is having a rough time. She’s unhappy in her career and her One Last First Date ended in total disaster. Now, she has to figure out what to do professionally and personally. Life as a spinster with fifteen cats doesn’t sound too bad, though.
    Deciding to give up on love, Paige begrudgingly befriends Josh Bentley, the friendly coffee delivery guy, while helping out at the Cozy Cottage Café. His T-shirts make her eyes roll, but their runs have become an important part of her day and a blessing to her waistline, because Bailey’s cakes are too good to pass up.
    Meanwhile, her best friends offer to find Mr. Right for her, and all Paige has to do is let them. Then, the man of her dreams walks through the door. Marcus Hahn is as good-looking as he is charming, and any thoughts Paige had of being alone with those fifteen cats, fly out the window. Now, she just has to hope her friends choose him as her Last First Date.
    But in the end, are Two Last First Dates enough to find The One?

    Excerpt from Two Last First Dates
    ​“I’ve got some paperwork to get through, and then we need to talk about finding you your Last First Date.”
    “Ah, no, we don’t,” I said, shaking my head. Had she forgotten my decision? It was infinitely better to die an old-maid-slash-reclaimed-virgin than go through that heartache again.
    “Yeah, we do. Marissa and I had a meeting and we’ve decided—”
    “You had a meeting?” I asked, incredulous, my eyes wide.
    “We’re going to do this properly, Paige.”
    I bit the inside of my lip. “Look, I told you at the beach. I don’t want to find a man. I’m over the whole Last First Date thing.”
    Bailey looked at me, a smile on her face. “Is that so?”
    “Yes!” Why was she persisting with this? My mind was made up; I had given up on love.
    “Hold that thought,” Bailey said as she jumped out of her chair.
    I’d been too lost in exasperation to notice there were a couple of customers standing at the counter, perusing the cabinet food. I stood up, collected our plates and coffee cups—with two hands and not Bailey’s skillful one yet—and headed to the kitchen.
    Once behind the counter, I looked across at the customers to give them a welcoming Cozy Cottage Café smile. My eyes met a man’s at the counter, and I swear the breath was sucked right out of me.
    Oh. My. God.
    This guy was beautiful. Tall, broad, his olive skin set off by his crisp, white, open-necked shirt, cropped black hair, and an I’m-sent-down-by-the-Greek-gods face. Angels sang, harps were strummed, and everything around me fell into nothingness as I stared into his dark eyes. He smiled back at me, holding my gaze for a beat, two. I could hear my heart thudding in my ears, and I had to stifle a nervous, girly giggle.
    Too late, I felt the crockery in my hands begin to wobble. I took a step, tried to right them, but both my hands were full. The dishes came crashing to the floor, smashing into one hundred pieces, the dregs of our coffee splattering against my legs and the floor.
    I quickly squatted down and began collecting up the shattered crockery, my face burning. This was mortifying!
    “Paige! What happened?” Bailey looked at me down on the ground, startled.
    “Sorry. I . . . I don’t know.” Which was, of course, not entirely true. I knew exactly what had happened. I’d been too busy staring at Adonis Guy and not concentrating on carrying the dishes to the sink. I shook my head, angry with myself.
    I’d let womankind down miserably; my lack of multitasking ability was clearly equal to a man’s.
    A dark head poked over the edge of the counter. “Are you all right down there?”
    I stopped what I was doing and looked up into those mesmerizing eyes once more. My mouth went dry. “I . . . yes, thank you.” I stood bolt upright as the heat in my cheeks intensified.
    Adonis Guy pushed himself up off the counter and shot me a gorgeous grin. “What did those dishes ever do to you?” He turned to his friend. “Is this the reason you like this place? The hot waitresses throwing dishes around?”
    Adonis Guy just called me hot?
    Bailey laughed. “Usually we just try to dazzle you through our excellent coffee and food. So that was two lattes. Anything to eat?”
    Adonis Guy looked back at me. I hadn’t moved an inch. “What do you recommend?”
    “Oh, ah, me?” My blush deepened. “The, ah, carrot cake with the cream cheese frosting is out-of-this-world good.”
    “That sounds delicious. Sold.” He turned to Bailey. “I’ll have a slice of that, thanks.” Adonis Guy returned his gaze to me.
    His much less godlike friend shook his head good-naturedly, watching Adonis Guy quite obviously flirting with me. “I’ll grab one of those spinach and feta muffins.”
    Bailey rang up their order. “I’ll get this, Marcus. I owe you one,” Non-Adonis Guy said.
    I squatted down to collect the remaining broken dishes in my hands. Try as I might, I couldn’t get my heart rate to return to normal, and you could have roasted s’mores on my cheeks, they were so hot.
    Marcus. His name was Marcus.
    “Thank you. We’ll bring those over for you,” I heard Bailey say from my position on the floor.
    I peeked over the top of the counter. Marcus and his friend had walked over to the window and were now sitting down at Marissa’s, Cassie’s, and my usual table. Of all the tables in the café, he chose my favorite. Was it a sign?
    No, it’s not. I’d given up on love. I needed to remember that, difficult as it may have been in the presence of such manly perfection.
    While Bailey expertly worked the coffee machine, I put the fragments of the dishes onto some newspaper, wrapped them up, and placed them in the trash. Once I’d swept up the shards, I washed my hands and paused, deep in thought. I may have given up on love, but I was still a woman. And women liked to look good, right?
    I pulled my lipstick out of my bag and slipped the lid off. I held it up to my lips, peering in my small compact mirror, and stopped dead. What am I doing? One hot guy shows an interest in me and I’m throwing that all away? Talk about being flakier than one of Bailey’s cheese filo puffs.
    I snapped my compact shut and wound my lipstick down, unapplied, returning it to my makeup bag. I couldn’t let the first cute guy I saw dissuade me from my new path. I’d made up my mind; I was a man-free zone.
    My jaw clenched, I returned to the counter. “I’m really sorry about that, Bailey. I don’t know how it happened. You can dock my pay.”
    The steamer on the coffee machine made a loud screech as she fluffed the milk for the coffee in a jug. “Don’t worry about it, Paige. Accidents happen. Just don’t let it happen too often, okay?”
    “Of course.” I pulled out a couple of plates and put a slice of the cake and a muffin on each. I glanced over at Marcus. He and his friend appeared to be deep in conversation.
    Bailey nodded at the plates. “Can you please take those over? I’ll bring the coffees when they’re done.”
    Part of me wanted to leap at the opportunity of talking with Marcus again. Another part of me wanted to squirm out of it, come up with some sort of an excuse to avoid the temptation. I told myself I needed to be strong. It was inevitable I was going to meet cute men. I simply needed to learn to deal with them. My inevitable spinsterhood demanded it.
    After all, my track record with men had been a miserable failure.
    I smoothed my shoulder-length hair behind my ears, took a deep breath, and walked out from behind the counter over to the men’s table. “Here you go, gentlemen,” I said brightly as I placed their respective treats in front of them on the table.
    “All recovered from your plate smashing ordeal?” Marcus asked with a cheeky half smile on his face, looking up at me from his seat.
    “Oh, yes. It’s all fine, thank you.” I tucked my hair behind my ears. “Right. I’ll leave you to it.” I turned on my heel without a second glance and walked on wobbly legs back to the counter.
    Done. Easy. Well, okay, not easy exactly, but done all the same.
    As Bailey took advantage of the lull and got on with some paperwork, she left me to clean up the counter and wipe down tables before my shift ended. There was only Marcus and his friend in the café, and I was thankful they were so deep in conversation they ignored me, so I had free range to make the place spick and span, ready for us to do it all again tomorrow.
    I was putting some things under the counter when someone cleared their throat next to me. I bobbed up, ready to serve like the good Cozy Cottage waitress of almost two days I was. My tummy did a flip when I saw who it was.
    “Just checking you’re not abusing any more defenseless crockery down there,” Marcus said with a fake brow furrow.
    My blush returned faster than you could say hot-guy-flirting-with-me. I let out a laugh. “No, no.”
    “That’s good to hear. I’m from the Society for the Protection of Dishes, and we take these matters very seriously, you know.” His face broke into a grin.
    Wow, this guy looked like Channing Tatum when he smiled. This was so not a good thing right now.
    I let out a light laugh, putting my hand on my heart. “I swear to give the dishes the respect they deserve in future.”
    “I’m glad to hear it.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet.
    “Oh, I think you already paid,” I said.
    By way of response, he offered me his business card. Dumbly, I took it in my hand, looking down at the words. Marcus Hahn, Attorney-at-Law.
    “I would urge you to get in touch if you have any dishes-related concerns.”
    “Oh, I . . . thank you . . . Marcus.” I blushed as I said his name.
    He flashed me his Channing Tatum grin once more and I swear my legs ceased to function for a moment there. I watched as he sauntered out of the café, turning to shoot me one last smile before he disappeared out onto the street.
    Resisting this guy was going to be trickier than I thought.

    Where to Find Two Last First Dates
    Find Two Last First Dates on Goodreads
    Buy Two Last First Dates on Amazon
    Read Book One in the Series

    Meet the Author

    ​Kate O’Keeffe is an award-nominated author of fun, feel-good romantic comedies. She lives and loves in beautiful New Zealand with her family, two scruffy dogs, and a cat who thinks he’s a scruffy dog too. He’s not: he’s a cat.
    To date, Kate’s written the chick lit series, the Wellywood Romantic Comedy Series, and the new Cozy Cottage Café Series.

    Where to Find the Author

    Read the Cozy Cottage Cafe Series
    ​Book 1: One Last First Date https://books2read.com/koolfd
    Book 2: Two Last First Dates is available now! https://books2read.com/kotlfd
    Book 3: Three Last First Dates – coming October 31, 2017 Preorder Now at https://books2read.com/ko3lfd
    Book 4: A Final Last First Date – coming early-2018