The Jewel Sisters Series

The Jewel Sisters Series is set on Australia’s East Coast and tells the story of four sisters all in search of their happily ever after. Meet Saffron, Ruby, Emerald and Amethyst and join them on their quest for love. Learn all about The Jewel Sisters Series and complete your collection.


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The Courtside Romance Series

Do you love sports romance? Love tennis? Join the Australian stars of the Courtside Romance Series as they travel the globe looking for success in the arenas of love and life.

The balls in your court!
Grab your copy of Playing at Love today and make love more than just a score.

Playing it Safe
 is out now – the rest of the series will release in late 2019.

Stand-Alone Novels and Novellas

No Time for Trouble

No Time For Trouble - No Brides Club Novel​When six friends make a pact not to let love get in the way of their careers, the No Brides Club is born. But could meeting the right man at the wrong time cause them to break their vows to each other?

One bad date too many leads Marnie to the No Brides Club but a fake engagement to a New Your playboy might just lead her to love.

When Marnie Bates’ sister announces her engagement and she’s summoned back to Lemon Tree, Tennessee for the engagement party she accidentally implies she has a fiancé. Unfortunately, the first name out of her mouth is Mal Cooper’s. He’s a friend and a player and she’s already turned him down. Still, she’d rather swallow her pride and ask Mal for help than go home embarrassed and alone. She just has to keep reminding both of them, this isn’t real.

Mal can’t believe his luck when Marnie asks him to be her fake fiancé for a visit to her hometown. He’s been looking for a way to get closer to her and this is opportunity to prove he can be the best boyfriend ever. Let the wooing begin! From daily surprises at the office to chihuahua cuddling at the dog shelter, Mal is ready to set his plan in motion to finally win Marnie over.

Can their time together prove to Marnie that they both want the same things and that Mal might be just the guy to give her everything she ever dreamed of?

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No Time for Temptation


No Time for Temptation - CoverWhen six friends make a pact not to let love get in the way of their careers, the No Brides Club is born. But could meeting the right man at the wrong time cause them to break their vows to each other?

Georgie Price moved to New York after spending her teen years as America’s Sweetheart. Hoping to reinvent herself now that she’s all grown up, she starts a cooking show that becomes an overnight success. Now with so much to focus on career-wise, she has no time for distractions–no matter how tempting they may seem.

Liam Stone has loved Georgie since their childhood growing up in a small, rural town. While watching her reach new heights in Hollywood, he worked hard to be someone worthy of her hand. Now a successful advertising executive himself, he’s finally ready to share his feelings.

But will Georgie want to hear them? Can she ever see him as more than the little boy who grew up next door? And if so, might their love story prove to be her greatest accomplishment yet?

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No Time for Tears (The No Brides Club)

When she’s unceremoniously dumped by her fiance, Devon Bates heads to New York for some much-needed family time. After a week of moping on her sister’s couch, things are looking up. She’s become a member of the No Brides Club and snagged a part-time job working alongside her sister and handsome television veterinarian, Sven.

But when the paparazzi get a snap of her and Sven together, the two hatch a plan to fake a relationship for the sake of good publicity. Soon enough, the lines between what’s real and fake become blurred.

Sven loves New York but yearns for a quiet life on his family’s farm. Meeting Devon throws that possibility into turmoil. He’s fake dating his boss’ sister which is already bad enough, but now he wants whatever this is between them to turn into something more substantial. But he isn’t convinced Devon is over her ex, and if she decides to run back to Tennessee, she might take his heart with her.

Sven knows the only chance he has to win Devon over is to convince her there’s more to this relationship than just the publicity. Can he make her see that the happily ever after of their dreams is in the cards for them?

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Shut Up and Dance With Me: (Oceanic Dreams Book 7)

Shut Up & Dance With Me - CoverForgiveness is hard but fighting their attraction is even harder.

As they set sail for madness and mayhem aboard Oceanic Aphrodite, up-tight fashion buyer, Sandy and sexy Italian restaurateur, Danny are onboard solely to stand up as witnesses to their friends second marriage.

Unfortunately, the maid of honour and best man can only agree on two things – this wedding is a bad idea and they can’t stand each other. They used to be friends but not anymore – the bride and grooms divorce forced them to pick teams and they’ve been on opposite sides ever since.

A week on a cruise ship is a long time and hard though they try to avoid each other, the universe has other ideas.

All aboard for a fun opposites-attract, enemies-to-lovers romance. If you love sandy beaches, cocktails, second chances and happily ever afters you’ll love Shut Up and Dance with Me.

Shut Up and Dance With Me is a novella-length romantic comedy and was originally published as part of the Oceanic Dreams series. The series is no longer live but don’t worry, Shut Up and Dance can be enjoyed as stand-alone story. 

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Flight Bound

Flight Bound - Cover

He was her first kiss, she was his first love – a decade later, she’s a broken-hearted flight attendant who has sworn off men and he’s the guy determined not to be relegated to the friend-zone again.

A chance encounter on a commuter flight brings Mel back into Tucker’s life again and while he’s excited to see her it’s clear she has other things on her mind, like the ex who just dumped her. 

Mel needs a break from men and anyway, Tucker is everything Mel doesn’t usually go for in a man – he’s smart, he’s kind and he’s fun – but he’s Tucker the boy the next door. He’s totally not her type, or is he?

Can Tucker convince Mel to take a chance on him this Valentine’s Day or will this relationship be grounded before it even takes flight?

If you like sweet romances that make you believe in happily ever afters, then Flight Bound is the Valentine’s read for you.

Take your seat and store your luggage overhead for an inflight sweet romance like no other with Flight Bound.





Snowbound - Cover

When Zara’s boyfriend can’t come home to Sydney from New York for Christmas, she decides to go to him instead.
Sure, the ticket costs a bomb, and her overbearing family thinks it is a bad idea, but that’s what you do for love right? Or so she tells the tall and hunky ex-basketball star, Kyle who is squeezed into the plane seat beside her.

But when a blizzard hits and she finds herself snowed-in in Denver a few things become clear – her boyfriend isn’t that heartbroken about her absence, the airport doesn’t seem like a very festive place to spend the holiday and there aren’t anywhere near enough pumpkin spiced lattes to fix the situation.

So, when Kyle offers to take her to stay at his buddy’s empty house, she decides to take a chance and make the best of her first white Christmas. What she hadn’t banked on was Kyle’s ex and a reality television crew crashing the Christmas party.

If you like fun and flirty heroes, ugly sweaters, snow covered mountains and sugar cookies, you’ll enjoy reading Snowbound these holidays.

Get in the festive spirit with Snowbound, available now on Amazon.




A Fair Exchange

Fair Exchange - Cover

Who hasn’t wondered about their first love?
What happened? What went wrong? Where are they now?

What if you got a second chance?

Amelia Armstrong is about to find out.

What a shame her long-lost love, Matt, has returned (looking way too good and acting way too sweet) when her life is a shambles and she has finally decided once and for all to put herself and not whichever man is currently in her life, first.

How do you balance that desire to recapture that loving feeling with the need to finally be the best version of yourself? What if this really is the one, how do you choose when to stand your ground and when to cut your losses?

Amelia takes a journey from Sydney to New York and back again trying to find the answers while negotiating with pop-divas, ex-lovers, crazy teenagers, a well-meaning cousin and the tabloids.

A Fair Exchange is a story about being a grown-up when, maybe, you’d much rather be sixteen again.

A Fair Exchange is available at Amazon.

Hearts Afire

Hearts Afire - Cover

A jilted bride, a sexy fireman, a tropical island, a fear of the ocean, a fear
of commitment, a new neighbour, an old flame, a secret identity – this is the
story of HEARTS AFIRE.

Cassie Callahan is not having a great day. First, her fiancé jilts her hours before the wedding and then her sister sets off the alarm and sprinklers at her catering business. Flooding the premises, soaking the wedding banquet and bringing the fire department.

When Jack Urquhart, the cute fireman offers her a shoulder to cry on they both feel an instant attraction, but they each know the other is not what they are looking for. She isn’t looking for a player and he is definitely not looking for the marrying kind.

Hearts Afire takes them on a journey from Sydney’s inner-west to Tropical North Queensland, and back, in search of and avoidance of love.

Will they realise that there is no risk at all in trusting your heart to the right person or not?

Hearts Afire is available at Amazon.

Mr Right and Other Mongrels

Mr Right and Other Mongrels

Blissfully happy in her own universe Allegra (Ally) Johnson is the sweet best friend everyone wants to have. Quietly and independently wealthy she runs a charming second-hand bookshop in beachside Manly. Heck, sometimes she even goes downstairs from her
flat to run the shop in her Chinese silk pyjamas. It sounds like bliss.
But is it enough?

When dog-phobic Allegra is rescued from an exuberant canine by the chivalrous Teddy Green, Australia’s hottest TV celebrity and garden make-over guru, her life begins to change. Dramatically!

Unaware of Teddy’s fame, Allegra finds herself falling for him, despite her best attempts to resist his charm.
Supported by her eccentric family and her fabulous gay friend Justin, Allegra embarks on an on-again off-again romance with Teddy. Complicated by his jealous ex-girlfriend, fashionista Louisa and her own narcissistic hippy mother Moonbeam.

Will Ally be able to overcome her insecurities and find happiness with this possible Mr Right or will Teddy’s celebrity lifestyle prove to be too  much? Mr Right and Other Mongrels is a light-hearted story about how one chance encounter can change your life.

Mr Right and Other Mongrels is available as an e-book on Amazon.  


Building Attraction

Building Attraction - Cover

Hers has been a life of too many responsibilities and his has been a life of too few.
Could the thing that initially repelled them from each other finally be the ultimate source of attraction?

Holly Adams has two jobs in the city, two petulant teenage sisters to support, a farm with a big mortgage and a terrible secret that propels her forward. Brad Winchester has a reputation for being a spoilt playboy who has abandoned his family business, but he also has a secret that has finally brought him home.

When they are forced to together at work (Holly works at the cut-throat PR Consultancy that handles his family’s account Winchester Homes – “They don’t build homes, they build dreams”) a series of misunderstandings has them at odds.

Still, while working together they learn they have more in common than either might have imagined – common friends, family loyalty and dreams of something different. When life keeps pushing them in each other’s paths they must decide whether this is an attraction that might be worth building on after all.

Building Attraction is available at Amazon

Alphabet Dating

Alphabet Dating - Cover-b

Serena’s friends have a plan to get her dating again – 26 dates in a month – one for every letter in the alphabet. What could possibly go wrong?

When Serena Sanders reluctantly agrees to participate in the Alphabet Dating Plan, she knows it will be tough, but there’s so much she hadn’t factored in. Who knew men were so complicated? Not Serena.

As she begins dating her way through the alphabet, she starts to learn more about herself and her friends than she ever expected as secrets and hidden agendas are revealed.

Alphabet Dating is a love story – a tale of lost love, unrequited love, platonic love and ultimately it’s about learning to love again.

Alphabet Dating is available on Amazon.

Better Than Chocolate

Better Than Chocolate - Cover

No longer in print Better than Chocolate was a collaboration between the Writers’ Dozen writing group that raised over $7,000 for Room to Read.