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    What adventure would you go on? What would you like to try?


    Hot Air Balloon
    In November as my many NaNoWriMo posts have indicated I’m doing NaNoWriMo.

    In the book I’m planning to write, with the working title of The Life Makeover Club three friends embark on a series of adventures in an effort to refashion their lives into a new more exciting form. They need to get out of their collective rut and they have a plan to do it.

    We all have different things that we find challenging for some people talking to a stranger is the hardest thing in the world and for another just getting on a plane is scary.

    I do try and challenge myself – I like to take up a new activity or join a new group every year – for example. That way I don’t get stale and I make some new friends as well.

    Writing presents all sorts of challenges that I didn’t necessarily foresee when I began. Some are fun and exhilarating and others are just plain hard slog. Still they’re all part of the journey.

    My most recent challenge was getting Hearts Afire out into the universe and that happened yesterday. Thanks to all who have supported me on that journey. You can get it here if you’re interested.

    So today’s question is… If you could try something new what would it be? It could be as large as climbing Mt Everest or as small as eating a new food. You never know I might include it in the book!