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    An Australian Christmas Carol


    Here in Australia we see an awful lot of Christmas images that really don’t pertain to us. We don’t build snowmen, ride sleighs and drink egg nog because it’s hot hot hot at Christmas. Today it’s in the 90’s at my place.

    Most of the carols are all about sleigh-bells, white Christmases and roasting chestnuts a whilst lovely and traditional well, somewhat out of step with our life.

    Here however is one lovely song by the amazing Rolf Harris – Six White Boomers. (On an unrelated note although they looked nothing alike as younger men, my father now looks so much like Rolf Harris people ask him for his autograph.)

    There is also a wonderful illustrated book and CD pack of this so the kids can read and sing along.

    It’s not much of a video so I suggest you listen rather than look.

    Merry Christmas from Australia.


    12/22/2012 01:47:28 pm

    Thanks Mon, after our Christmas yacht race on Sydney Harbour today, we were discussing who had grown up with this over our BBQ lunch. We had two Germans and two Canadians on board so a new experience for them! HB
    12/22/2012 03:08:50 pm

    How fun…it’s one of our family favourites here…we like to boom out the chorus!