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    Musical Monday – Christmas themed – some Australian Christmas songs


    This musical Monday I thought I’d introduce you to some Australian Christmas music. It’s all very well to sing about snowmen and white Christmases and fireplaces but here in the Southern Hemisphere we don’t have Christmas like that.

    It’s hot. We go to the beach, do our Christmas caroling outside in parks and school playgrounds and we eat lunch outside swatting away flies and mosquitos. It’s just a bit different from the Hallmark Channel version but no less lovely.

    This first one is all about Santa and his sleigh except it’s pulled by Kangaroo’s, boomers to be exact and there is not a snowflake in sight.
    This one is more a tale or dysfunction and regret and what happens when you yearn for family and friends because you can’t get home for Christmas. It’s also a song about how we long for tradition and familiarity.

    How to Make Gravy by the wonderful Paul Kelly.

    Hope these songs get your toes tapping and in the Christmas spirit this Monday.