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    Friday catch-up


    Hearts Afire PaperbacksIt’s Friday afternoon here and absolutely pouring with rain. I mean bucketing down.

    I had an author Q&A planned for today but I did something dumb and popped the file somewhere safe on my computer so I woudn’t lose it and then…lost it.

    So you get a little ramble from me.

    My writing efforts this week have been a bit dismal. A long weekend and my daughter starting high school (Yr 7 for you American readers) just threw me off-kilter. I did also have some of my day job to catch up on.

    If it rains all weekend I might easily make up all that lost time.

    The program for the Riding the Waves, the Australian RWA Conference came out today. It’s in Perth. Flying from Sydney to Perth is a lot like flying from New York to L.A. It takes about as long. I’ve never really been to Perth. Well, I did go for a work induction once but all I saw was the inside of an office building.

    I was planning to skip RWA this year and go to L.A on a research trip for the sequel to Mr Right and Other Mongrels but somehow after lunch with author Pamela Cook on Wednesday to discuss our writing year I came home having agreed to attend. That means I will now simply have to do both trips.

    I guess I better get working on my day job with greater ferocity (might need to get some extra clients) and get some more books out into the universe as well!

    Have a lovely weekend. It’s good reading weather where I am, I’ll say that for the weather.