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    Love in the City Box Set Launch

    Love in the CityI’m excited to share the Love in the City Box Set launch with you – lots of these ladies are online writing friends of mine and I’ve been lucky enough to meet several of them in person including – Sariah Wilson, Becky Monson,  Melissa Baldwin and Kathryn R Biel who I met at the RWA in Denver a couple of years ago now. I also gotto hang out with the gorgeous NZ author both at the RWA and in Australia when she visited. I know this boxset will not disappoint. It’s just 99cents this week!

    Get ready for thirteen heart pounding and laugh out loud rom-coms from thirteen bestselling and award winning authors, including Amazon chart toppers and USA TODAY bestsellers. Filled with mystery, second chances, soulmates, brother’s best friends, bad boys, nobility, and the cute guy in the cubicle next to you, these stories will captivate you and leave you wishing for more.

    Download this limited edition box set while you can and indulge in these sweet and sexy leading men and strong and beautiful heroines while they fall in love in cities around the world.

    Sariah Wilson – All’s Fair in Love and War
    Becky Monson -The Love Potion
    Jennifer Peel – Love the One You’re With
    Kirsty Greenwood – Love Will Save the Day
    Whitney Dineen – Love for Sale
    Aven Ellis – Love, the Viscount, & Me
    Shari L. Tapscott – Little Lost Love Letter
    Lucy McConnell – Can’t Forget a Love Like That
    Kate O’Keeffe – A Very English Love Story
    Erin Huss – Love, Lies, and Limo Rides
    Melissa Baldwin – Thanks for the Love
    Stephanie Fowers – Love at the Masquerade
    Kathryn R. Biel – Vision of Love

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    Sweet Kisses Limited Edition Box Set – featuring Kissing the Captain – preorder now!

    Kissing the Captain and the Sweet Kisses Box Set
    Kissing the Captain coming soon in the Sweet Kisses Box Set

    I’m beyond excited to share the cover of Kissing the Captain, my contribution to the Sweet Kisses Box Set with you.

    This fantastic set features 21 of the biggest sweet romance authors on the planet so I’m beyond excited to be included in it. Not only am I keeping great company but we’re also raising money for charity with this one.

    The Sweet KissesLimited Edition Box Set is available on all ebook retailes now iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon and it’s only 99cents.  Why not grab a copy today?

    21 New Heartwarming Romance Books that’ll make you swoon

    A sweet contemporary romance anthology collection with twenty-one original, never-before-seen stories from bestselling and award-winning authors, Including WSJ and USA Today Bestselling Author, Judith Lucci.

    Each piece written for this anthology is to benefit Pets for Vets. Sweet Kisses Box Set is only available for a limited time, so one-click your copy before it’s gone. Twenty-one swoon-worthy heroes. Twenty-one chances to fall in love. Twenty-one happily-ever-afters.

    One great way to help veterans who’ve been injured in service to our country and the Pets that need them. 100% of pre-order profits will be donated to Pets for Vets!


    Tamie Dearen – The Billionaire’s Practice Kiss

    Judith Lucci – Kissing the Cow King

    Evangeline Kelly – Kissing an Alaskan Man

    Lorana Hoopes – Sealed with a Kiss

    Jo Noelle – Eight Second Kiss

    Jean C. Gordon – Trusting His Kiss

    Jessie Gussman – Dreaming of His Kiss

    Donna K. Weaver – Don’t Kiss the Enemy

    Melanie D. Snitker – Don’t Kiss Me Goodbye

    Monique McDonell – Kissing the Captain

    Michelle Pennington – First Kiss Train Wreck

    Kit Morgan – To Kiss a Sheriff

    Emma St. Clair – If You Want to Kiss a Billionaire

    Jeanette Lewis – Kissing the Mountain Man

    Anne-Marie Meyer – A Magnolia Kiss

    Judy Corry – Stolen Kisses from a Rockstar

    Bree Livingston – A Geek Girl’s Guide to Kissing a Video Gamer

    Juliette Duncan – Never Kiss a Preacher’s Son

    Vivi Holt – Meet-Cute Kiss

    Brooke St. James – Kiss & Tell

    Joy Ohagwu – Raspberry Kisses

    My contribution Kissing the Captain is a prequel to a new series I’m launching in the second half of 2020 so you’ll want to get your hands on this one first!


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    Romancing the Holidays with Beverley Eikli


    Release Day for the Romancing the Holidays 2 BoxSet
    I’m excited to say it is release day for Romancing the Holidays 2 – I’m one of 9 authors in this set…we’ll be interviewing them on the blog this week and asking them questions about their holidays. First up is Beverly Elki!

    1. What made you decide to write this story?

    In the early 1990s, I ran a luxury safari lodge in Botswana’s beautiful Okavango Delta. It’s where I fell in love with a handsome Norwegian bush pilot I married after a whirlwind romance, and although my story, Okavango Angel, features an Australian girl who falls for a rugged South African game ranger, I essentially recreated my experiences of a Christmas romance in a remote island lodge, cut off by floodwaters

    2. What is your favourite part of Christmas?

    The different traditions that my Norwegian husband and me – (originally from Lesotho in Africa but now living in Australia) bring to Christmas are fun to recreate at Christmas for our two daughters. For my husband, it’s the nisser – the Christmas elves – and the specially prepared roast pork followed by trollcream, made from cold rice porridge mixed with whipped cream and cloudberries. (We use the cloudberry jam from Ikea). Delicious!
    But it is extra work as we have the traditional Norwegian dinner and celebration on Christmas Eve, followed by our Australian/English tradition of roast turkey the following day. The kids love getting their presents the day before, though!

    3. Have you been naughty or nice this year?

    I’ve been hardworking with four new releases under my Beverley Eikli and Beverley Oakley names in 2017, but also, I hope, a fun mum and wife, as well as a conscientious daily walker for our gorgeous but not-very-bright Rhodesian Ridgeback called Mombo, named after the Okavango lodge where my husband and I met.

    4. If you could have 6 people to Christmas dinner (living or dead) who would they be?

    I would love a traditional Regency Christmas. At the dinner table, I’d assemble George III (during his non mad phase) and George IV when he was planning his construction of the Brighton Pavilion, so I could see if I could understand why they disliked each other so much. (The Hanovers were famed for having dysfunctional family relationships, particularly between father and eldest son.)

    For the very same reason, I would love to also invite Princess Caroline of Brunswick, who was both George IV’s wife and his cousin, as well as their daughter, Caroline during the phase she was in love and about to marry a man who would make her briefly happy before she’d die in childbirth.

    Add to that a mistress or two. (This would be George IV’s mistresses, of course, since George III was more interested in turnips and agricultural improvements than women though he was a loyal husband.) Frances Villiers, Countess of Jersey,
    would be my choice because I find it fascinating that, at the age of forty and already a grandmother and mother of ten children, she began the mistress of George IV who was nine years her junior.

    And finally, I’d include as the sixth guest of our little gathering, her daughter-in-law, Sarah Child Villiers, Countess of Jersey, who was a leading figure in Regency society and one of the patronesses of Almack’s Assembly Rooms. Why? Because I’d love to quiz her on that famous Regency haunt for which the refusal of vouchers could sound the death knell to one’s social aspirations. (And I think every avid reader of Georgette Heyer’s Regency romances would love to quiz an Almack’s patroness on their criteria for admittance.)

    Beverley EikliBeverley Eikli also writes as Beverley Oakley. You can find her at:


    Twitter: @BeverleyOakley
    Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com.au/beverleyeikli/

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    Guest post from my fellow Have Chick Lit, Will Travel author Jennifer Gilby Roberts on the Inspiration Behind After Wimbledon (included in the Box Set)


    Have Chick Lit Will Travel CoverToday’s guest blogger is Jennifer Gilby Roberts whose novel After Wimbledon features in the Have Chick Lit, Will Travel. Read about what inspired her and then read the book.


    The Inspiration Behind After Wimbledon

    Naturally, for a novel by an English writer about the Wimbledon tennis tournament, After Wimbledon was born in Australia. For the tennis fans: it is the Laura Robson of chick lit novels.

    I was taking some time out after finishing my degree. Having fried my brain by studying physics, a light-hearted romance was all I was good for. I arrived in Melbourne halfway through the Australian Open and spent most of the next week hanging out in Fed Square watching the action on their big screen. That was fabulous because it was right in the middle of the city and anyone could just wander down. I even sat in the Rod Laver Arena (the equivalent of Centre Court) for one day. Since I was travelling alone, I managed to grab an odd seat right in the front row. I heard Roger Federer swear, that’s how close I was.

    At the same time, I was struggling with a decision. I’d been dating someone for a couple of years before I went away and had left him back home. In a twist on the classic tale, he was sure we were for keeps and I was uncertain. I was only 23 when we started dating and wasn’t expecting to get serious. Marriage was something for my thirties, if it happened at all. One morning, in a shower stall at the hostel, I broke it off over the phone. It was Australia Day, but the fireworks seemed rather out-of-place.

    A few weeks later, I decided it was time to write another novel. My first, The Dr Pepper Prophecies, had been completed five years earlier. Suddenly, I had something to write about again: tennis and major life confusion. And out of those things After Wimbledon was born. The first draft contained much angst. I reckon I cut out about 30,000 words to get to the final version. I’m just counting that bit as therapy. It’s a much better read without it!

    And the boyfriend I mentioned? Reader, I married him. Only happy endings here…


    After 12 years on the pro. tennis tour and four years with her sort-of boyfriend, Lucy Bennett has had enough. She wants real life… and real love.

    Her life, her decision. Right? Well, no one else seems to think so. With opinions on all sides, Lucy’s head is spinning. And she’s stumbling right into the arms of long-term crush and fellow player Sam. Shame her boyfriend – his arch-rival – would sooner smash a racquet over their heads than agree to a simple change of partners.

    As the Wimbledon Championships play out, Lucy fights for her life on and off the courts. The question is: what will she be left with after Wimbledon?

    After Wimbledon is available on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, other Amazon sites, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks and most other ebook stores.

    Jennifer Gilby RobertsWhere to find Jennifer

    Find Jennifer Gilby Roberts on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, LibraryThing and Wattpad.


    Geralyn Corcillo
    7/28/2014 06:42:57 pm

    I loved After Wimbledon – and I am NOT tennis fan. But the story just gallops along, pulling you into tLucy’s world. And Sam…sigh. And the tennis matches -even though I know nothing about tennis or its scoring- the competitions are so well written that I was on the edge of my seat, my heart pumping with the momentum of each match. Or is it game? Or set? See? I have no idea, but I still LOVED this book:) So pleased to be boxed in with this book and Monique’s Mr. Right and Other Mongrels!

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    Have Chick Lit, Will Travel Launch Day!


    Have Chick Lit Will Travel CoverI am very excited to be part of this lovely box set with authors Jennifer Gilby Roberts and Geralyn Coracillo.

    I’ll be featuring both ladies on the blog over the next few days so you can learn more about the women behind the stories.




    Have Chick Lit, Will Travel

    A new box set of three great summer reads from up and coming chick lit authors.

    Fancy getting away from it all this summer? The chick lit tour bus is about to depart!

    Calling at:

    * Los Angeles, USA, to stumble into some outdoor adventures in She Likes It Tough;

    * Sydney, Australia for a harbour tour and a trip to the beach in Mr. Right and Other Mongrels; and

    * London, England to enjoy Pimms, strawberries and, of course, tennis in After Wimbledon.

    But it’s not all about the scenery. There’s plenty of time for falling in love, tackling big challenges and finding the courage to go after what you want. Our three tour guides are pretty tough women – even if they don’t know it – so come enjoy the ride while they deal with men, media and mothers in this international chick lit boxed set.

    These three novels have a total list price of $8.97, but for a limited time the collection is on sale for only 99c!

    The set includes:

    SHE LIKES IT TOUGH by Geralyn Corcillo

    “Hilarious story that is well paced and very original. You don’t want to miss this sassy crazy romance!”

    Lost in Chick Lit

    When a freak fast-food accident almost kills scaredy-cat Lisa, she decides it’s time to get a backbone and really start living. But how is she supposed to get tough after a lifetime of watching from the couch?

    Jack Hawkins, that’s how. When Lisa finds out that the outdoor extremist needs a clueless urbanite to test his top-secret line of beginners’ adventure gear, she makes the most outlandish deal of her life: she will be his test dummy if he helps her become brave.

    But are there enough wild adventures in the world to help Lisa find the grit to pursue a career she really wants or the nerve to stand up to her bullying family? And what about going after the man who’s not afraid of anything… except falling for Lisa?

    Winner of Best Indie Book and Best Humor Book at the Rebecca’s Reads Choice Awards 2013.


    “Truly loved every minute that I was reading this book!”
    Smitten With Reading, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

    Quietly and independently wealthy, Ally Johnson runs a charming second-hand bookshop in beachside Manly and is blissfully happy doing it. Heck, sometimes she even goes downstairs from her flat to run the shop in her Chinese silk pyjamas. It sounds perfect. But when dog-phobic Ally is rescued from an exuberant canine by Teddy Green, Australia’s hottest TV celebrity, her life begins to change dramatically!

    Despite her best efforts to resist his charm, Ally finds herself falling for him. Supported by her eccentric family and her fabulous gay friend Justin, Allegra embarks on an on-again, off-again romance with Teddy, complicated by his jealous ex-girlfriend, fashionista Louisa, and her own narcissistic hippy mother Moonbeam.

    Will Ally be able to overcome her insecurities and find happiness with Teddy, or will his celebrity lifestyle prove to be too much?

    AFTER WIMBLEDON by Jennifer Gilby Roberts

    “A sumptuous summer read that will delight everyone, even those who aren’t into their tennis.”
    Best Chick Lit

    After 12 years on the pro tennis tour and four years with her sort-of boyfriend, Lucy Bennett has had enough. She wants real life… and real love.

    Her life, her decision. Right? Well, no one else seems to think so. With opinions on all sides, Lucy’s head is spinning. And she’s stumbling right into the arms of long-term crush and fellow player Sam. Shame her boyfriend – his arch-rival – would sooner smash a racquet over their heads than agree to a simple change of partners.

    As the Wimbledon Championships play out, Lucy fights for her life on and off the courts. But what will she be left with after Wimbledon?


    Each book is written using the language conventions of the author’s home country.

    One click this great romantic comedy box set now before the price goes up!

    Amazon: http://mybook.to/HCLWT

    Have Chick Lit Will Travel Box Set Image


    Geralyn Corcillo
    7/24/2014 06:05:40 pm

    What a trip it has been putting together this box set with these two fantastic authors and their highly entertaining books!

    7/25/2014 12:29:52 pm

    ThNks so much for letting me be a part of your special day! Bought the book and can’t wait to sink my teeth in!! Wishing U guys much success!

    7/26/2014 04:57:17 pm

    Thanks so much! I can’t wait to read your book!! I have to admit, I purchased before skimming the blurb… I had already purchased and read Wimbeldon, so I figured any books paired alongside it should be up my alley! Now having read the blurb, can’t wait to dig in!! 😍. Congrats on your collaboration!

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    Musical Monday – let’s talk ear-worm songs


    Have Chick Lit Will Travel Box Set ImageBefore we talk music let’s talk box sets and other things. Or more specifically let’s talk about this Box Set that Mr Right and Other Mongrels is being included in. It will be out this Friday and is called Have Chick Lit, Will Travel.

    I’m going to probably bore you senseless with the details this week but if you want to attend our online launch on Friday 25 July then pop on over to Facebook and sign up to attend.

    Also if you’ve signed up to receive my newsletter it will be in your inbox later today.

    Now on to earworm. as you are no doubt aware, earworm songs are those pesky songs you get in your head that you can’t quite seem to shake. You wake up to them, go to sleep to them and find yourself humming them on the train, in the supermarket and in the shower. The annoying thing about an earworm song is you probably don’t even love the song, sometimes they are even songs you hate.

    I played a song in the car back from our road trip two weeks ago and it has been in my head EVER SINCE (yes that is me screaming with frustration). What’s worse is my lovely husband who is currently renovating my kitchen (which is fantastic for life but not so much for writing) is whistling the song while he drills, saws, hammers his way through the day. Drilling and that song do nothing for my creativity.

    Over the years I’ve had some pretty annoying ear worm songs. I’m going to share a couple with you now – you can thank me later – and I would love it if you would share yours with me.

    First off we have Lady GaGa with Alejandro. I do not like this song. I do not like it in the car, I do not like it at a spa, I do not like it in my head, it makes me wish that I were…well not dead, but able to shake it for sure…

    Next up we have a lovely young man by the name of Taylor Henderson. He came second in Australian X-Factor last year, a show that I don’t even watch unless I’m reading in bed or am too tired to think. Somehow I had this little song stuck in my head for 6 months. Lucky me.

    It’s important to remember that almost always with earworm songs I have a key line wrong, usually the chorus, so that not only am I annoyed by the song the whole family gets to be annoyed as I sing in the car, kitchen or wherever it pops up.

    So today’s question is – what song is your current earworm? I need a new one – and DO NOT say Frozen, okay?