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    We are all busy so you can stop telling everyone now!


    I started this blog post and I was going to write about the ways in which routine, especially for a writer, can help counter all the busy in our lives but then my mind wandered off.

    I know we all spend a lot of time these days telling each other how busy we are.

    In fact, if I one more person tells me how busy they are I may scream. Not because they’re not busy but because the truth is most people are busy. (I might even be busy…maybe, probably not, but maybe…)

    If you have a job, elderly parents, kids, a partner, friends, you volunteer, you play a sport, you cook, you go the the gym, you have a hobby, you’re in a bookclub or any combination of those things you are more than likely busy. So I think that pretty much covers most people. We’re all busy.

    (There are also different types of busy – good, happy, I’m planning to climb Everest busy is not the same as bad, scary, I think I’m losing my job and my kid is sick busy. The first is exciting and invigorating and really you shouldn’t complain. The second type is not what I’m talking about here AT ALL. The first is made up of adrenalin and interesting choices and the second is a hard slog where you need to reach out for support because you need some of the other busy people to make some time and help you even if they have to skip bookclub or a yoga class.)

    There are definitely times some people are more busy than others – five kids under five and you are busy, finding elder care for parents and you’re busy, a major work event the week before Christmas and you are busy – all those things at once and well, you’re crazy busy.

    Some people however are always busy and often so busy telling you that, they barely have time to stop and ask you about your life.

    So when I say “please don’t tell me you’re bus”y I mean the day to day life stuff that we all have it’s just life. It’s the life you’ve chosen to have.

    When you tell someone “I’m so busy” you’re really saying. “I’m very important.”

    Or when you say “I’m too busy to volunteer/read a book/join a gym” , which no doubt your companion has just announced that they do, well, what you are really saying is either:

    a) I’m busy doing things that are important to me and that thing you do has little or no value to me (or less value than the things I choose to do). (And that is actually fine…I would rather read than go to a gym any day…busy or not…and I know loads of people who are the opposite.)
    b) I really feel bad I’m not doing that thing, I would kind of like to, so I’ll put the fact that you are doing it down.

    “I’m so busy” as an excuse every time you see someone makes them feel like they should thank you for finding time for them. It also seems to impy you think they aren’t busy. They may in fact just juggle things better, or not tell you about the many things on their plate because you’re too busy to listen, return a phone call or heck even meet up.

    You know that expression “If you want something done give it to a busy person?” Chances are someone with far more on their plate than you has the time to do that thing you can’t. Just don’t tell them how busy you are as the reason you can’t do it.

    My post on the power of routine will appear later in the week.

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    August is such a busy month…


    Do you have certain months of the year that you know will just be plain old busy, busy, busy?

    We all know December is manic but for me the other really busy month of the year is August. July ends and August lands with a great big thud. It should probably arrive with a loud-speaker announcement to ‘get moving’.

    It’s a birthday month here…my daughter, myself and heck, even the dog celebrate birthdays. (It’s not as bad as when my daughter was little and we were in a mothers’ group with seven or eight kids all with birthdays within days of each other. That was a lot of parties…although I must say I do miss those days. I guess that’s a different post on nostalgia).

    Plus it seems to be a month where there are kid-related extras I didn’t forsee – a band concert, a dance performance, school athletics carnival, school fundraiser (which I am happy to say I’m not working at or running for the first time in 7 years!!!), inter-school debates and the list goes on. (Not to reference the un-written nostalgia post again but time is moving so fast it’s a shame to miss these events which will be a dim memory soon.)

    I also try to go away to the Romance Writers of Australia conference so that’s another spanner in the works. There’s the logistics of being away (my lovely husband does not have a simple 9-5 job with any rhythm to it so I’m always juggling child-minding as I race to the airport) as well as plan the what to pack, what to wear and of course the pitch preparation.

    This year as well I’m working on finalising that paperback version of Mr Right and Other Mongrels and the final edits of Hearts Afire. That flu last week just sucked my brain dry and depleted my creative energy….I had planned to release Hearts Afire in August but I’m now pushing it back to September. I’d rather wait and have it right than race it out and have it below par. When you put your name on the front of something you have to be happy with it.

    I am a freak for a deadline…even if it’s just one I created myself but sometimes you have to see reason.

    Now I had better go do my day-job so I’m not behind in that as well.