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    Musical Monday – Lasting Love


    Mr Right and Other MongrelsToday on this find Musical Monday I’m pondering the nature of making love last.

    Lots of fiction, especially romance, focuses on the first bloom of romance. It’s fun to watch things begin and as a writer it’s nice to help bring two characters together. I quite like living a bit vicariously through my characters as they head off on dates and other romantic escapades.

    However, anyone who has ever been in a lasting romance can tell you that lovely phase where every dinner is a date night and every new day is ripe with promise doesn’t last forever. Real life seems to intervene all too quickly. Jobs, family commitments, friendships and finances seem to conspire one way or another to take the sine off things. Then of course familiarity sets in.

    Sustaining romance through life – or through a sequel – takes quite a bit of effort.

    So today here are a couple of songs that speak to that.

    First some old school Shania Twain (who of course is no longer married to the guy she sang this to back in the day!)
    And for something more current how about some Paramore – Still Into You! Because really it is all about that in the end.