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    Musical Monday – or what’s your earworm Monday?


    Musical Monday
    I’m the queen of the earworm. I was just singing one of my regulars and my husband said “you haven’t had that one in a while”. Some people have recurring dreams (Me as well) and I have recurring earworms.
    Here’s the song in question – I’m pretty sure he wanted to leave me the week I watched the movie Dumplin’ on Netflix. I’m not known for singing the whole song of even getting the words right. Let’s be honest – I annoy myself. Anyway, you’re welcome my friends.

    I don’t know that I would describe myself as an optimist but I sure do try and get up in the morning and find the joy in my day. Right now I’m feeling good about my book like. I’m part of a box set – Romancing the Holidays – that comes out Nov 1 but you can pre-order it now and it’s doing pretty well. I also have a new cinnamon bay novella out for Christmas – A Christmas Arrangement – and it’s also on pre-order so I’m on track for my 2019 goal of releasing 12 books this year.

    Romancing the Holidays Box Set Preorder Promo
    A Christmas Arrangement - Cover
    Meanwhile, just like everyone I have things going on in my real life that give me pause. That of course influences my “musical stylings”. Who are we kidding I have no musical style. I like what I like and that’s that.

    I’m known for my ability to cry in any situation and I just had a cry to this song. I don’t know if music helps or hinders my ability to cope some days but music definitely touches us in ways nothing else does. I just heard this one and had a good cry.

    Still I’d rather have a happy ear worm than a sad one. I haven’t got the time or the enrgy to be crying all the time. Cryings is nothing if not exhausting so I’ll leave you with my happy earworm that stays with me if I hear it on the radio. Fun fact I’m not a big Justin Beiber fan but I love everything he does with Ed Sheeran.

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    Musical Monday – let’s talk ear-worm songs


    Have Chick Lit Will Travel Box Set ImageBefore we talk music let’s talk box sets and other things. Or more specifically let’s talk about this Box Set that Mr Right and Other Mongrels is being included in. It will be out this Friday and is called Have Chick Lit, Will Travel.

    I’m going to probably bore you senseless with the details this week but if you want to attend our online launch on Friday 25 July then pop on over to Facebook and sign up to attend.

    Also if you’ve signed up to receive my newsletter it will be in your inbox later today.

    Now on to earworm. as you are no doubt aware, earworm songs are those pesky songs you get in your head that you can’t quite seem to shake. You wake up to them, go to sleep to them and find yourself humming them on the train, in the supermarket and in the shower. The annoying thing about an earworm song is you probably don’t even love the song, sometimes they are even songs you hate.

    I played a song in the car back from our road trip two weeks ago and it has been in my head EVER SINCE (yes that is me screaming with frustration). What’s worse is my lovely husband who is currently renovating my kitchen (which is fantastic for life but not so much for writing) is whistling the song while he drills, saws, hammers his way through the day. Drilling and that song do nothing for my creativity.

    Over the years I’ve had some pretty annoying ear worm songs. I’m going to share a couple with you now – you can thank me later – and I would love it if you would share yours with me.

    First off we have Lady GaGa with Alejandro. I do not like this song. I do not like it in the car, I do not like it at a spa, I do not like it in my head, it makes me wish that I were…well not dead, but able to shake it for sure…

    Next up we have a lovely young man by the name of Taylor Henderson. He came second in Australian X-Factor last year, a show that I don’t even watch unless I’m reading in bed or am too tired to think. Somehow I had this little song stuck in my head for 6 months. Lucky me.

    It’s important to remember that almost always with earworm songs I have a key line wrong, usually the chorus, so that not only am I annoyed by the song the whole family gets to be annoyed as I sing in the car, kitchen or wherever it pops up.

    So today’s question is – what song is your current earworm? I need a new one – and DO NOT say Frozen, okay?