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    Building Attraction - CoverWhat am I working on?

    Right now I’m working on a shorter piece for an upcoming Mother’s Day anthology. I’ve only just started it so I’m in that nice stage where I’m getting to know the characters and it’s like making a whole new set of lovely friends.

    2. How does my work differ from others in it’s genre?

    That’s an interesting question. My female protagonists are always Australians so I suppose that’s a point of difference for non-Australian readers, who in fact make up the majority of my readers. I think my books generally have a strong female friendship component that most women can hopefully relate to. It annoys me immensely to read about characters who seem to have no one in their life, even in romance, if the character is so amazing that this guy thinks she’s amazing he can’t possibly be the first person in twenty-something years to have noticed. I hope the books also have a strong sense of place, except for one book they’ve been set in Sydney so far and I like showing readers around my home town.

    3. Why do I write what I write?

    I didn’t always write women’s fiction, chick lit or romance (half the time I’m still not quite sure what to call what I write – I probably should work on that). In fact my short stories tend to be quite dark. The reality is it takes a long time to write a book and you have to spend lots of times in the world you create. I don’t want to spend all my time in a dark place. I made a conscious decision to write books about people that I would like to spend time with, books that make people smile. I think being happy is a great thing to aspire towards and turning towards the light rather than the shadows is healthy, so I try to have the energy in my books. My books don’t necessarily have a happily ever after but they certainly don’t have a misery ever after.

    4. How does your writing process work?

    When I write a character appears to me in a certain situation. For all of my books the main character has appeared to me in opening scene and I start writing from there. Usually when I’m about a third of the way through I do an outline for the rest of the book. It’s not super specific, more like sign posts to help me get to the end. When I’m writing I usually write every day. I find that’s easier for me than dipping in and out of a story. I love the initial creation of a story, it’s exhilarating. The re-writes are a whole different ball game.

    Keep the chain going:

    As part of this blog chain I had to tag three authors who will post their won answers to these questions next Monday 10th February.

    Leigh Bennet

    Leigh Bennett is an Australian author who lives in Melbourne’s hilly and rugged outer east with her husband, three sons, 2 beagle x cavalier dogs and any number of chickens.

    Currently a stay at home mother, she has worked in the public service, education, road and music industries.

    She enjoys reading, cooking and writing stories full of fun, drama, love and always with a happy ever after.

    Her first novel, Flirting with Magick was released in February 2013 and she is currently working on her next romantic tale.

    Social Media Links:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeighBennettWriter

    Twitter: @LeightaBennett

    Blog: http://abroomwithaview.blogspot.com.au/

    Karen E. Martin, M.Ed. is a full-time freelance writer/editor. She has been in the publishing business since 2004, working on books and publications for major and independent publishers, universities, businesses, and private individuals. Prior to entering the field of publishing, Ms. Martin worked as a Senior EFL Fellow (English as a Foreign Language) for the U.S. Department of State in Romania, a Junior EFL Fellow for the U.S. Department of State in Jordan, and a teacher-trainer for the U.S Peace Corps in Mauritania, Jordan, Romania, and Morocco. Ms. Martin served as a Peace Corps volunteer for two years, teaching English in the Errachidia Province of Morocco. This is Ms. Martin’s first novel.




    Monica Donnelly

    Monica is an Australian author who writes contemporary coastal romance.
    She has always been a hopeless romantic who believes in love at first sight and ‘happily ever afters’. She does however, also know that the path to true love is not always smooth.

    Her Henley’s Bluff romance series charts the romantic entanglements of the Doherty family and their friends in the sea-side town of Henley’s Bluff.




    Jenn J McLeod | House for all Seasons
    2/2/2014 02:06:48 pm

    Like you, my HEA is Happy Enough Afterwards. 🙂 I have trouble seeing you as a dark writer!
    2/2/2014 02:24:25 pm

    I think everyone does Jenn. Too perky! Too many exclamation marks!

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    Author Q&A with Leigh Bennett author of Flirting with Magick


    Leigh Bennett1. What was the inspiration for your novel?
    I wrote a short story about a woman who does a spell for a career change
    and the novel developed from there. The rest of the ideas came from having worked around bands, working in offices and having lived in the inner city.

    2. When did you take up writing?
    About eight years ago when I was pregnant with my second child, I stopped talking about it and just started writing. It turns out it was the only activity I loved enough to stick with and not get bored or lose interest.

    3. How important is setting/place in your writing?
    It’s isn’t huge. My current novel is set in inner city Melbourne but there aren’t any specific landmarks, it’s just mentioned. I think it could be set in any city, really.

    4. Do you have a favourite character (s) in your current novel?
    I think I have a bit of a crush on one of the main male characters. And I really like Troy but he’s a very minor character he swears a lot so I had to think a lot about how to write his dialogue and make it effective, not just swearing constantly.

    5. What’s the best piece of writing advice you were ever given?
    Just do it. Just keep writing.

    6. Do you have a schedule for writing?
    Not really. Up until this year I’ve always had a child at home. He’s just starting school this year so
    I’m hoping to get more into a routine and get more done on a day to day basis. I might even get super organised
    and create a timetable. Yeah, probably not.

    7. Are you a plotter or someone who tends to wing it?
    I really enjoy the plotting process but I don’t necessarily stick with it. It’s nice to have as a guide for when I’m stuck though. I’ve started doing my first drafts during Nanowrimo and it’s amazing the winging that goes on.

    8. Can you name three of four of your current favourite books?
    Ooh too hard.

    9. Can you tell me a little bit about what you are working on now?
    It’s called Winter Park and is the follow up to Flirting with Magick but can be read as a standalone novel. It’s about a woman who moves into an apartment and finds it’s haunted. Of course there is also a love story in there.

    10. What advice would you give to a fledgling writer to assist them on their journey?
    Keep writing. Find other writers to talk to and learn from them, they can offer amazing support. Let people read your
    work, otherwise you’ll never know what’s working and what isn’t.

    FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/LeighBennettWriter
    Twitter: @LeightaBennett
    Firting with Magik is available on Amazon

    Flirting with Magick CoverAvailable at Amazon


    Leighta Bennett
    2/26/2013 10:22:06 am

    Thanks so much for having me, Monique 🙂