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    Drinks with friends – Mr Right style


    Manly WharfWho doesn’t enjoy getting together with a group of girlfriends for a good catch-up and maybe a bit of mild gossip? Well I don’t know anyone much, well not any women, I’m sure some men but then again a lone man amongst a group or women…it’s not a bad gig!

    Anyway in Mr Right and Other Mongrels, Allegra and her friends catch up at a bar at the Manly Wharf Hotel. This is a real bar and is at Manly Wharf.

    When we took our photos of Manly a couple of weeks back we sat in the sun and had lunch here as an homage to the book and of course I took a few pics.

    This is the wharf where you can hop the Manly Ferry across to Sydney. It’s a really beautiful trip and in fact my favourite way to travel. Lots of people commute on the Manly Ferry. I used to back in the day. (It’s kind of a bit like the Staten Island Ferry and I may or may not have been chanelling Melanie Griffith in Working Girl at the rime, complete with the sneakers to slip on for the walk up from Circular Quay to Castlereagh Street). If you come to Sydney the Manly Ferry is one of those ‘must do’ experiences. If you live here, you already know that.

    Here are a couple more photos of the bar where Allegra dishes the dirt to her friends about going to Teddy’s housewarming party in the book.

    Manly Wharf - Wharf Bar

    Manly Wharf

    perth rsa
    9/17/2012 06:44:08 pm

    Yes the best way to enjoy the drinks is with the friends and every one like to spend time with the friend and enjoy the drinks together. Nice blog.