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    Let’s start today with a link. I am featured on Books by Banister today. I’m talking over there about how much of a writer you might find in a character.

    In other writing news I’m chugging along with NaNoWriMo. I’m ahead of schedule which is great and sitting at the 16,500 word mark. What I do know is true for me at least, and it’s something I put in one of the preparation posts I ran in October, is that I need to keep the momentum going. My weekend of busy days stalled me so that yesterday I was floundering.

    Today I’m back on track, although my characters are not exactly sticking to the vision I had for them which is fine. Basically, I like to start with more of a framework than a plot and have them stay in the frame. At the moment we have arms and legs and possibly even a head out of frame. Perhaps they’ll come back or maybe I have to tell a different story than the one I envisaged.

    Oh and here’s my banner for my stall on Thursday….pretty cool isn’t it?

    Monique McDonell Books Banner for Market Stall

    Pamela Cook
    11/5/2012 01:50:46 pm

    Love it when the characters do their own thing! Good luck with the rest of Nano. And I love that banner!
    11/5/2012 01:56:25 pm

    Thanks Pam!!