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    Romancing the Holidays with Joanne Dannon


    Joanne Dannon
    1. What made you decide to write Christmas Kiss, New Year’s Wish?

    Initially, I was going to write a New Year’s Eve romance but then changed it to a holiday romance. I had recently attended (and loved) the “Elvis, The Wonder of You” concert with my husband and desperately wanted to included Elvis in the storyline. It took a bit work but I created Luca, a super-smart scientist who has a secret obsession with Elvis. I paired him up with Taylor, his best friend. Why did they fall in love? Well that’s because I adore “friends to lovers” stories. One of my favourites movies is, “When Harry Met Sally”.
    2. What is your favourite part of Christmas?

    Family. I’m fortunate to be a part of a loving and happy family, and I truly value the importance of family and friends. Coming together at the holiday season is just so special and it’s an opportunity to let them know how much you truly value them.
    3. Have you been naughty or nice this year?

    Nice 🙂
    4. If you could have 6 people to Christmas dinner (living or dead) who would they be?

    Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jnr – because I’m a big fan of both of them and love their voices, and songs
    Humphrey Bogart – because I love his movies
    Sam Heughan – because I have a fan-girl crush on him…er, sorry!!!! I meant to say, I’d like to talk to Sam about his acting career and how he’s able to successfully fundraise whilst meeting his work commitments.
    Jane Austen and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – so I could speak to them about their writing, and the positive impacts their books had on me.

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    Kara Vaughan Marks
    12/18/2017 09:37:09 am

    I’d love to read this anthology.