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    Mr Right and Other Mongrels + Hearts Afire MugsWriting presents different challenges for different people. I think some of that depends on your personality type.

    I often say to my husband (rather arrogantly no doubt) that “I’m an ideas person.” What that really means is I have lots and lots of really good ideas and not much follow through! I suppose that’s better than no ideas and no follow through at least.

    As a writer that means I have lots of wonderful ideas swirling around in my brain of books I want to write but of course I must actually write them and I must FOCUS to get anything done.

    I’ve already mapped out my writing plan and objectives for 2013 and I know which books I plan to write but still when I lie awake at night as I have most of this hot January I can’t stop the new ideas from coming.

    New characters came to me last night at about 3am as they did the night before. They seemed like fun people I would like to get to know but when if ever will I get to tell their stories?

    I think this may be why lots of authors write novellas, to get those characters out of their heads and onto the page. I’m not a huge fan of novellas, they just don’t suit my reading style I guess, but maybe I should learn to embrace them.

    Meanwhile, I jot down my ideas and try and focus on the projects already underway,