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    Photo Friday


    Beach view from towelI thought I’d start a new trend on this blog called photo Friday. I’ll try and get a photo up that relates to my novels or my writing life (Be warned you may see lots of coffee cups). Yes I know it’s Saturday in Sydney but it’s still Friday in lots of places and I did take these on a Friday so I’m going to pretend it counts.

    Yesterday afternoon I happened to be at the beach with my daughter and her friends. This beach features in Mr Right and Other Mongrels briefly. Allegra often takes her morning un around to this beach. She’s certainly not alone. This is a very popular pathway to ride, walk or run.

    The beach is also a popular spot to snorkel and scuba dive and yesterday the water was warm and crystal clear and there loads of international tourists making the most of it, and a few locals.

    Anyway my walk down to the beach had me thinking about hidden treasures tucked away in some of our favourite spots and how we associate certain images with certain places and often miss the other aspects of a suburb or town or setting.

    So here are a couple of other images from the same spot. I’m not the world’s best photographer and I was balancing towels, shoes, snacks, picnic blankets, a bowl of watermelon and bottles of water as I took these.
    Hidden Leafy Beach Path

    Morton Bay Fig Tree

    Mr Right and Other MongrelsMr Right and Other Mongrels


    2/8/2013 04:01:29 pm

    Nice to see where Allegra hung out!