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    Manuscript EditedSo I haven’t been a very good blogger this week. Sorry.

    If you look at the photo here you can see why. I’ve been marking up changes on Building Attraction so that I can send it off to my lovely proofreader on the weekend.

    I know I’ve had some complaints about my books not being proofread before which I take on board. Everyone of my books has actually been read by more than one person for errors – and I don’t count myself in that obviously – so while I take those comments on board it hasn’t been lack of care or concern that has let errors slip through.

    Anyway I worked with my new proofreader on another project where I had two people reading and she certainly caught a ton or errors the other professional missed so I have high hopes for Building Attraction. First having put all those stick notes on there I now need to make all the changes myself before the book heads off.

    Meanwhile I have the lovely Lisa, my cover designer, working away on covers for a Christmas novella I have planned (Snowbound is the working title) and also the cover for A Fair Exchange which has just come back from the BETA readers. I also have another fun project Lisa is working on the designs for.

    So I’d like to stress I haven’t been doing nothing at all. I also have to do my day job which happened to ramp up again this month after a rather lovely lull. I’m very grateful to have the work but it’s a mild adjustment.

    Next week I will do the cover reveal for Building Attraction at long last! I also really, really hope to get my first newsletter out too oh yes and have some fun people stopping by the blog too!

    Lots going on…I’ll be back!