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    Reading and writing…aiming to read more in 2013!


    Dog on Pile of BooksIn order to write they say you must read widely and voraciously.

    Another sage and linked piece of advice is to write what you like to read.
    The problem for a writer then becomes finding time to both write and read. It’s easy to spend hours reading other books in the name of research, or supporting friends or even in the name of enjoyment.

    I think I reader fewer books in 2012 than I have ever read in my life. I did have an insanely busy year with publishing my own books and starting a new business on top of my normal life, family and volunteering commitments.

    I read a fair few indie authors and books by people I knew but I did very little curling up with a good book that I discovered randomly in a bookshop. I tried to read the selections for my bookclub but even it was a bit spotty this year.

    I know lots of writers now and I’m amazed at how many manage to read lots of books and also they seem to squeeze in TV as well. I was thinking maybe I should give up TV in 2013 in favour of the book.

    In 2013 I hope to get back to reading more, just for the sheer thrill of it. Of course today I should be writing and reading would be the loveliest form of procrastination.

    So do you read more or less than you used to? What books would you recommend to me? Just for the record while I like the odd of a paranormal tale I tend to prefer my books based in this world and nothing too scary…


    Lauren James
    1/8/2013 12:36:37 pm

    Great post, Monique. This is actually something I’ve been pondering, also. Before I got back into writing this year, I read like a maniac. However, since focusing my attention on writing again, I struggle to find the time to read.

    Then there’s the trouble of figuring out what to read. Should it be something just for pure entertainment? Or one of the many books from my new friends in the writing community? (and if so, which friend and which book?!) Or should I try something brand new that might even lead me into a new sub-genre for my own writing? Too many decisions for my liking 😉

    As for recommendations, a book that I read recently and really enjoyed was ‘Jilted’ by Rachael Johns. It was my first Australian outback/rural romance and I enjoyed not just the hero and heroine, but the smaller characters who made up a wonderful country town.
    1/8/2013 12:47:30 pm

    It’s such a dilemma isn’t it Lauren.
    I read quick fun mysteries sometimes just to escape…I think of that as just pure fun! I do like a book that makes me laugh out loud!

    I read ‘Jilted’ during my airport delay and flight home from the RWA this year. A great read. If you like rural women’s fiction you might enjoy Blackwattle Lake by my writing buddy Pam Cook or one of the lovely Karly Lane’s books as well.