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    It’s release week for Playing it Safe, Book 2 in the Courtside Romance Series


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    It’s release week again and this week is Playing at Love, Book 2 in the Courtside Romance Series
    I was so excited to have Playing it Safe ready to launch this week that somewhere along the line I forgot to check when Thanksgiving was. Yep, as an Australian author Thanksgiving isn’t such a big deal for me so I ended up choosing to launch my book smack bang in the middle of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and cyber Monday. Maybe not the smartest launch strategy I’ve ever made.

    Still, I’m super excited the book is live and ready for you to read.

    This was a fun story to write because Ben and Abby are both really great people in not so great situations. Ben may have brought his on himself, but he wants to be better and Abby is just a woman trying to get over her ex and make the best of a difficult situation.

    This book also featured some fun side-characters who maybe weren’t such great people but were great fun to write.

    I hope you enjoy reading Playing It Safe as much as I enjoyed writing it.

    Be sure to download your copy today and if you like it, leave me a review.

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