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    Balancing writing and summer vacation


    North Sydney Pool and Luna ParkSorry I missed a Taste of Tuesday. It will be back next week.

    It’s January here and the equivalent of the US summer vacation. What that means is no routine (and believe me when I say we are one of the last routinised homes in Australia anyway), people in and out, the desire to make the most of the summer and somewhere in there an urge to start the year off on the right food.

    I normally don’t plan to achieve anything in January with my writing. Experience has taught me that honestly I’m better off to give myself a break and come back hard in February rather than feeling guilty all month.

    This January I decided to set myself a few writing goals and I must say I’m falling short. I’m also working my regular part-time job which I’ve not done before so that needs to be done and that’s enough time away from the fun and frivolity of summer for me.

    Add in the fact that my lovely daughter starts High School (Yr7 in Australia) and I am all too aware next summer she’ll want to spend more time hanging at the beach with friends than she will with me, so I’m trying to make the most of the now. I think perhaps I should be doing that guilt-free.

    Meanwhile I am plugging away at re-writes on Alphabet Dating, albeit a bit more slowly than I’d like and I sure hope I can show you the cover soon!

    That photo above is a place Allegra and Teddy visit in Mr Right and Other Mongrels, they actually dine there. If you’ve read the book you’ll know which scene I’m talking about.

    I know I’m not alone in my quest to find balance over the summer months…I wonder how others do it with any success? Any advice would be welcomed.