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    Twelve Sentence Saturday


    Mr Right and Other Mongrels
    I’m participating in Twelve Sentence Saturday over at Makaylas Book Reviews today.

    The premise is this…a group of authors all put twelve sentences up, on a Saturday…from one of their books. So please visit the other participating author’s pages and check out their books…you might find a new book.

    So today here are twelve sentences from Chapter Fifteen of Mr Right and Other Mongrels.

    Meeting the parents is not one of my strong suits.

    Having never had such a normal family myself, normal families make me very nervous. It’s as if I feel they will take one look at me and know that bizarre hippies raised me and surmise that I don’t fit in. I always feel I won’t belong.

    Justin thinks this is the most ridiculous of all my hang-ups. I discussed it with him over wine and dinner the night before when I heard I was to be meeting Teddy’s parents.

    “Sweetie, first of all you are boringly normal these days.”

    “Thanks, how reassuring.”

    “Secondly, you are adorable.”

    “OK, I like you again now.”

    “Good. Thirdly you are totally loaded, so any sane parent would be jumping for joy if you hooked up with their son.” Eye roll.

    You can get both the paperback and e-book of Mr Right and Other Mongrels here