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    Musical Monday…unrequited love?


    Heart BalloonIs there any love more painful or more tragic than an unrequited love?
    I doubt it.
    Most of us have experienced it from one side or the other at some point in our lives. The maddening reality that someone we know, and probably like, adores us and sadly we don’t feel the same way about them is very hard to deal with and often not dealt with well.

    Still that’s nothing compared to the ache of being the person who is in love and not loved back. Oh the agony!

    So on this musical Monday a couple of songs about unrequited love as I ponder this topic for one of my characters in an upcoming novel.

    This is a great one from Gabrielle and was featured in the wonderful Bridget Jones Diary so that makes it a chick lit winner for me.
    Above this heartbreaker from Lady Antebellum…(I really need to Google the word antebellum…I think I know what it means but I might have the wrong thing in my head…it happens!)

    And…Paramore…The Only Exception. I kind of hope it works out for her…the song leaves it up in the air.

    Still as horrible as unrequited love is it’s worth the risk…because what if, just maybe, it leads to requited love?