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    Wednesday’s wrap up


    Dog on Pile of Books
    Today you can find an interview I did with the lovely Sarah Hardie. She has a terrific site so you should visit it anyway, but do read the interview while you are there.


    The lovely Lisa Kelly who did the cover for Mr Right and Other Mongrels is now officially working on the cover for Hearts Afire. That’s very exciting news.

    The paperback copy of Mr Right and Other Mongrels should indeed be ready by the end of July. We just need to finish the cover and I need to do a final proof of the PDF version to make sure we have it just right.

    Today I am very happy to be going off to The Writers Dozen today. Our numbers will be small but the lovely Yvonne Louis will be there after doing a writers’ walking tour of Tuscany so will have lots to share. I’m doing a Q&A with Yvonne shortly on the site. Stay tuned.

    Have a great day!